21 December 2015

Battling Blemishes

Battling Blemishes
Now I don't know about you but as soon as we hit December any attempt at healthy eating almost certainly goes straight out of the window. I know all too well that too much sugar is bad for you, it affects not just your weight but also crucially your skin. It is one of the first places to visibly show that your body is suffering, that applies not just to your diet but also helps to alert you to lack of sleep or even stress. Our bodies give us signs and more often than not we do ignore them; that is something I would like to return to in my New Year's post.

For now however, I have decided to pick out a few of my go to products for when my skin is having one of its moments. These tend to work for me most of the time, although it has to be said I would not use all of these at any one time as it would be quite stripping and dehydrating on my skin if I was to do so. Generally speaking I would use specific products depending on how bad my skin was, what the weather was like and of course how much time I had. 

The Quick Fix

During the warm weather and in times of haste I like to opt for a product such as the La Roche-Posay Serozinc* as this is incredibly easy to use what with it being a simple face mist. This is incredibly light on the skin and almost seems to soothe the skin instantly; it's even nicer when it is kept in the fridge for fifteen minutes. Whilst this is no miracle worker I do find that it helps to keep my skin clearer, helping to prevent bacteria from spreading, it also mattifies my skin making it a really nice product for those with oily skin in the summer. I would also be tempted to squeeze in here the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Facial Pads which I have being using pretty frequently since I picked them a couple of months back. This is not the type of product I would use daily, that being because I do often do forget to use SPF which is bad enough in itself, let alone when using a product containing glycolic acid. Again this product will not wave a magic wand over your blemishes, however in my experience they have helped to clear up hormonal break outs along my jaw line. At the moment I am not too sure if I would pick these up again as I do prefer the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator as it is more hydrating on my skin. 

The Overnight Trooper

For me it is at night time when I like to incorporate my blemish busting heroes as I can apply any oils or serums without having to worry about applying my make up. The Sk:n Anti Blemish Control Serum* is a relatively recent addition to my skincare routine and again is one that I would not use all of the time, only because my skin type does not warrant a constant product like this within my daily routine. I do like this product on a whole because it makes me feel as though my skin is sanitised, it is also light weight and thin in consistency so it doesn't make my skin feel weighed down. Having said that I do note that alcohol is pretty high up in the ingredient list which does make me wary as alcohol is notorious for drying out your skin, therefore when I do use this I do ensure that I use an hydrating facial oil at the same time. 

Marvellous Masks

Last but least I cannot fail to mention quite possibly my favourite type of skincare product, that being the simple face mask. There are of course many varieties of face masks out there, you can get hydrating ones, brightening ones, clarifying ones and even exfoliating ones. Naturally masks that detox your skin of the impurtities are my most favourite, especially when I have to travel into the city and catch four trains each day. Two products that I would highly recommend would come in the form of the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask and the Lush Mask of Magnaminty as both of these products work so well at detoxing my skin, all whilst not stripping it of any moisture. 

What are your blemish busting heroes?


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