12 December 2015

STAR by KG Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots
Being rather short in stature has its pros and cons; I should know seeing as I have been the same height since high school. Whilst I generally do quite like being a shorty there's nothing quite like sticking on a pair of heels and adding a few extra centimetres to my height, it's amazing how much more you can see and for some reason it helps to add a little bit of confidence too. Now you all know I am not very good when it comes to heels, however when they are in boot form I do tend to fair a bit better as the heel is more chunky making me feel somewhat more stable under foot.

The STAR Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots* are perfect for this as they add extra height without making me feel like I am walking on stilts. They also are visually gorgeous as they are of such a classic design and are of fantastic quality too; I just know that they will last me a really long time. I paired these up with a black skirt and striped white blouse, however now that the cold weather is well and truly here I will be sporting them with my skinny jeans instead. Kurt Geiger happen to have a great sale on at the moment, so it is well worth checking out if you are in the market for some last minute Christmas gifts or if you are up for treating yourself during the festive period. Speaking of which, I have noticed that this exact pair have also dropped into the sale, therefore you will need to get your speedy boots on if you do not want to miss them.

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