22 December 2015

Winter Comforts

Fat Face Sleepwear
These long winter nights sure can make you feel rather gloomy at times, especially when you head out to work in the dark and then proceed to pull up at home in the dark; the summer can often feel like a rather distant memory. Despite this I actually do love winter, I find it rather magical and if done right it can be super cosy and dare I say romantic. Now I can assure you, the most romantic thing for me right now is snuggling up in my pyjamas and sticking on Netflix so I can watch Damon Salvatore, ahem, I mean an incredibly intellectual documentary on rainforests...

Whilst arriving home after a long day at work I have to admit I like love nothing more than jumping straight into my pyjamas after work; it is so satisfying, especially when I have being dressed smart all day long. As we headed into December one of my favourite brands Fat Face got in touch and asked if I would like to feature some of their night wear; of course naturally I said yes. The clothes from Fat Face are always of such good quality and they're some of most beautiful on the high street, their night wear in particular is nothing short of amazing and that is before you have even put it on after your shower.

Fat Face Sleepwear
The Star Jacquared Check Lounge Pants* from the Fat Face Sleepwear range have to be the most cosiest pyjama bottoms I have ever had; trust me when I tell you that these have barely left my body since they arrived. They are incredibly cosy and come up a relatively generous size too, I opted for a size 10 and I have more than enough room in them so that they are comfortable to wear in bed, nobody likes tight pyjamas now do they. 

Speaking of comfort I have long been someone who refused to wear slippers, for some reason I associated them with being of an older age and my oh my how wrong was I. It is either that or I am definitely getting older; make of that what you will. Either way I am absolutely loving my Fat Face Mable Cable Knit Mules* from the slippers range, they are super cosy! They save me having to always find a matching pair of socks to shove on my feet, which in itself is a bonus as I am forever forgetting to match them up when they have being washed. 

I will admit to possessing many winter comforts, which is mainly because I do not like being cold one little bit so I will find as many ways as possible to keep myself nice and cosy; call it natural instinct. Whilst skincare will not keep me warm it will make me feel that extra bit pampered therefore this year I have finally opened the Liz Earle Sweet Orange and Mint Cleanse and Polish which has been a long time overdue. It goes without saying that I adore Liz Earle therefore it is nice to add a somewhat festive touch to my skincare routine. 

Winter Comforts

My most recent addition would have to be the I Love Peachy Passionfruit Shower and Bath Cream which was a spontaneous purchase whilst in Superdrug over the weekend. This stuff smells so delicious, although I will admit that it is a rather odd scent to have picked up for this time of year; nevertheless I really like it and find myself wanting to check out more from this extremely affordable range. 

For that extra special treat I picked up an obligatory new mug from John Lewis a couple of weeks back. This white polar bear mug is absolutely perfect, especially when I make a nice cup of Flaked Hot Chocolate from Whittard, which, I might add is one of the nicest hot chocolate drinks you can buy to make yourself at home. If you are a fan of hot chocolate then you will love this, if you are not a fan of hot chocolate then I would still highly recommend checking this out.

What are your winter comforts?

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