6 December 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights

When I first saw the images online for the Film Noir Nights gift set from Charlotte Tilbury for the festive season, I knew that it would be very hard for me to resist picking it up. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury and her makeup line as her products are so incredibly beautiful and are of fantastic quality; to date I have yet to try anything which did not impress me. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Film Noir Nights Makeup set had high standards to meet.

The Film Noir Nights Makeup set is themed around the classic smokey eye and bold red lip which is simply perfect for this time of year. Included within the set is the Rock'n'Kohl Eyeliner in Bedroom Black and the limited edition Matte Revolution Lipstick in Opium Noir. One would like to say that I thought long and hard about this purchase, however upon noticing that my friend was wearing this when we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them a couple of weeks ago I knew immediately that I would be purchasing said lipstick come the next day. 

Retailing at £35, which is a saving of £7 you personally in my eyes do get a good deal here. We all know that Charlotte Tilbury is not a budget friendly brand, however a deal like this does make it that little bit easier on the old chestnut that is the bank balance. 

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights Housed in a beautifully presented gift box this really is a truly gorgeous present for anybody this Christmas, or if you are like me and simply cannot wait that long then why not treat yourself. Upon opening the box there are little LED lights which light up as if to imitate the stage or star studded mirror, hence the theme of film. To be honest if I had to be really picky I would argue that the lights used should be warm toned as I think that would have looked a lot better compared to the ones that were chosen. The lights which have been used are bright white and almost have that blue cold look to them which I think is quite harsh on the eye. Despite this one niggle I do think that on a whole it is a very well thought out gift which will be loved by many this Christmas. 

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights
Having being writing about beauty now for nearly five years (I feel old) I have, in that time, tried a fair few of lipsticks and the various formulas that come with the territory. In my personal opinion Charlotte Tilbury has the best matte formula of all, particularly in terms of how the lipstick feels on the lips as I can wear this with no problems at all.  Pigmentation is of course fantastic as one would expect when paying £23 per lipstick, longevity is also very good, however so many brands in my experience, even high end ones often fail to make a matte lipstick which is comfortable to wear and one which does not dry your lips out. 

This is my second Matte Revolution Lipstick and it certainly will not be the last due to the quality and confidence that I have in the product. It is not often that I would say you are getting your money's worth for a lipstick that costs this price as you can pick up so many fantastic options from the high street, yet where a matte formula is concerned I do find no other competitor. 

Opium Noir is a very deep red, which looks incredibly dark in the bullet depending on the lighting you have. From numerous reviews online that I have seen it does appear brighter on various skin tones so it is one to perhaps research on if you're thinking of picking it up as I think it could be a little misleading if you were to judge it on pictures alone. As I am quite fair this really does look quite dark on me, however I personally love that look for the winter. From what I understand this lipstick is only available online as it is an exclusive deal (I may be wrong on this), which naturally would make it a little bit difficult for people to try it before they purchased it. I do find this a little bit odd and always have done where makeup is concerned, however what do I know. 

Of course I can't not mention the Rock'n'Kohl Eyeliner in Bedroom Black. A black eyeliner is so often a staple product for so many people, you can do so much with it and easily update a day look to night within minutes. The eyeliners in general from Charlotte Tilbury are super soft and easy to work with, they blend beautifully and do not tug at the skin when being used. To be fair this is simply a black eyeliner, it is however a very good one although perhaps slightly over priced. For me though it works very well with the gift set as it compliments Opium Noir wonderfully. 

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?

28 November 2016

Bee Good | Award Winners

Bee Good Skincare
As we head towards the festive season, that's two days and counting folks! I thought it would be nice to share with you a fantastic little stocking filler which will be suitable for so many people this Christmas. Now I am not one for producing Christmas gift guides, mainly because I just do not have the time, however the Bee Good Award Winners* gift set really is a great little introduction to the brand which features two of their best selling products.

In the past I have featured the Bee Good 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser* which I have absolutely loved. It worked a pure treat on my skin and it also smelt incredible. I would happily repurchase this product for myself and gift it to friends for Christmas. To read my full review of this then head on over to the Bee Good Cleanser review from back in 2014. Also included within the Bee Good Award Winners gift set is the Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm* which is incredibly nourishing on the lips and super handy for this time of year.


Bee Good have a variety of little gift sets on offer this Christmas, all of which are packaged beautifully I might add. Furthermore, if you are after a new brand to introduce a friend to or fancy treating yourself to something new then be sure to head on over to see what they have this festive season. My personal favourites would have to be the award winners set featured today and the Essential Skin Saviours Gift. 

Have you tried anything from Bee Good?

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22 November 2016

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Autumn Beauty Favourites

It has been a while since I featured a roundup of some of my current beauty favourites. Due to one thing and another over the last few months I have even managed to fall behind on my typical monthly favourites posts; therefore, I thought it was about time that I rounded up some of my beauty favourites in one big post for autumn. 

Generally speaking, this year has been a quiet one for me in terms of new beauty purchases. I find myself using the same staple products each month day in and day out as I have made a conscious effort to cut back on my beauty spending. As we head towards the end of the year I have to say that I have done pretty well on this and have managed to use up a lot of products this year, both skincare and make up based. 

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette

Since hitting September I am pretty sure that I have reached for nothing else in terms of eye shadow, as I am still very much in love with the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. This is a fantastic palette for this time of year due to the beautiful bronze, plums and crimson tones. For the price of £18 I think you really do get a great product for your money. For the moment I will refrain from harping on about this too much here as I do have a full review of the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette on my blog.

Bioderma Soothing Repairing Cream* 

For a little while this product has sat within my draw unopened. Where skincare is concerned I try to not have too many things open at once as I can find it really overwhelming. However, about five weeks ago my skin erupted into a rash all around my mouth, it was extremely bizarre and it would not go away. I had not used anything new, I had not eaten anything to my knowledge which would have caused such a reaction, in fact I was utterly perplexed as to what had caused it. Five weeks later I now know it is stress related and it is somewhat under control. Whilst wondering what I could use on this I remembered that I had been sent this to review back in August and of course rapidly proceeded to open this and give it a try. It goes without saying that this really has helped to improve my rash as it is a lot calmer and not as raw looking, although I have had to obtain a steroid prescription to try and help get rid of it completely. 

Essentially this cream is for damaged or irritated skin, it is well worth considering if you do have patches that flare up, although if it continues for a prolonged time then it's probably worth seeking professional advice. 

MAC Painterly Pro Longwear Paint Pot

One would argue that I am incredibly late to the party where the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots are concerned, however it wasn't until September where I finally decided to pick up Painterly in order to see if it would improve the longevity of my eye shadow. In a nut shell yes it does, although I can sometimes be a bit lazy and skip this step out. It is in its own right a great product to use to simply even up the skin tone on your eye lids as mine can look darker compared to the rest of my complexion, especially if I am tired which these days is nearly all of the time. 

 Autumn Beauty Favourites

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

This product has been a firm favourite of mine for a long time now, it is part of my daily routine as I really do think it makes a visible difference to improving my under eyes as they do look quite dark at times. It for me is not a replacement for my trusty Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream which I use religiously, however I always ensure that I use this on top of that. The combination together works really well so I am currently very happy with this skincare/make up step that I have going on. Whilst it isn't the friendliest in terms of price, it does last a long time as you only need a small amount. Retailing at £26 I often find myself waiting for a little discount to pop up online before I make a repurchase. 

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick 

A couple of weeks ago Coca Cola had a running promotion in Boots stores with L'Oreal whereby you could have a bottle of coke and a lipstick for about £5. Naturally I took advantage of this deal and opted for the shade Bois De Rose. Since purchasing this I have worn it nearly every single day as it is a really great every day shade which is easy to wear and requires very little maintenance. Having never really used many lip products from L'Oreal before I am now quite keen to explore the range a bit further as I have been pleasantly surprised by how hydrating I found this. For me this is probably the most important factor and indeed practical factor in a lip product as I do suffer with dry lips quite a lot. The shade can be incredible but if I can't wear it because it is too dry then what is the point?

What are your Autumn Beauty Favourites?

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15 November 2016

Beauty on Trial: bareMinerals

Beauty on Trial bareMinerals Ever since I purchased the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream (let's call it a foundation for all intents and purposes) earlier this year, I have been extremely keen to try out a few more products from the brand. In the past I will admit that bareMinerals had always been a counter that I would look at but never really stop at properly to find out more about what they had to offer; this is something I really regret having now used and loved several of their products. 

bareMinerals is a brand which is widely known for mineral make up, again this is something that I am not well accustomed with although I really do intend to experiment more with it in 2017. More recently however the brand has expanded and has launched a brand new skincare line and of course liquid based foundations. Whilst in the past I have used two of their liquid bases and adored them I was somewhat apprehensive about using the Bare Pro Foundation* as it was a compact and completely took me out of my comfort zone.

Beauty on Trial bareMinerals

bareMinerals Bare Pro Foundation*

This lightweight foundation is said to provide 12 hours of 'glam' coverage whilst being formulated with 90% vitamins and minerals. In my experience I found the coverage to not last twelve hours (this is my typical working day), in fact by around midday I noticed that coverage was looking pretty light indeed which wasn't ideal, particularly when I had another six hours to go. For me the coverage of this is extremely light, in fact it is too light for my every day needs; in fact, I have used it as somewhat of a setting powder on top of another base.

Despite this I would say that it is to date one of the lightest foundations to actually use, you cannot feel this on your skin at all which is good for those who have sensitive skin and who can easily feel irritated by heavy base products. Overall I would personally look towards this if you have good skin, if you wish to hide blemishes or pigmentation then really you do want to be looking elsewhere. In a nut shell I will be putting this away until the warmer weather, my skin is generally better in the summer and due to the warmer climate a light base will be warranted.

Stroke of Light Eye Brightener* 

Moving onto much more positive things, the Stroke of Light Eye Brightener is pretty darn good. First and foremost, like all bareMineral products I have tried it is extremely light in terms of formula. It blends beautifully and does a really great job at brightening my under eye area. I would point out that I do not use this alone, this is the last step in my effort to hide my dark circles each morning. Generally speaking, I use my foundation of choice, a bit of concealer and then this on top as I find that works best for me. It is salmon toned which helps to counteract against the blue tone that you get with dark circles. Quite simply I have failed to find anything to fault about this product, although the shade range could be much better. Despite this I can see why it is one of the brands best sellers; I would happily purchase this for myself come the time.

Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser* 

It isn't very often that I try something out and instantly bring it in to my skincare routine as a permanent fixture, yet here I am announcing that this is an example of just that. The Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser is an utterly beautiful product which really does leave my skin feeling super soft and clean without a tight stripping feeling that so often many cleansers can leave you with.

This is a Brazilian Red Clay cleanser with an incredibly soft texture; there are no gritty bits in this whatsoever. To use you simply apply this to dry skin and then with damp fingers gently work it into your skin; upon reaction with the water the clay transforms into a milky consistency which creates a slip in order to enable you to cleanse your skin with ease. I would say that this has helped to clear up my complexion, with regular use about three times a week I have noticed a visible difference. That being said I have read quite a few mixed opinions about this online, where of course I can only speak about my personal experience having used this for the last few months.

bareMinerals products can be found in Debenhams, Selfridges and online at Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

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10 November 2016

Recently Recycled #9

Recently Recycled #9

Sometimes I find myself wondering whether to continue writing these types of posts, they are now somewhat pretty old when it comes to beauty blogging; one may even argue that they're 'old school' and perhaps no longer have a place within beauty blogging of today. That being said, the nosy beauty parker in me can't help but want to read these types of posts when I spot them on my Bloglovin feed, they for me seem to be some of the most insightful if you really want to know what somebody truly thought of a product.

Colab Dry Shampoo

Having such a busy day to day life I must admit to finding myself relying a bit more on dry shampoo than I would normally care to admit. Therefore, when a new brand makes its way onto the shelves of the high street I normally have to try it out pretty soon. To be honest I was not overly impressed with the Colab Dry Shampoo, it just didn't work for me very well at all. My go to has been Batiste for a good few years now and it continues to beat every dry shampoo I try against it. Whilst the Colab dry Shampoo worked initially I found that after a couple of hours my hair was looking rather limp again which of course led me to feeling a little bit self-conscious. This just sadly wasn't for me, therefore I will be sticking to my fail safe from now on. 

Elemis Try-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash (Now known as Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash)

This has been lying around for a little while so it was about time that I focused upon finishing it off so that I could make way for a new cleanser within my routine. Generally speaking, I rather enjoyed using this product as I felt as though it left my skin feeling clean and looking brighter without any loss of moisture. This was a really nice morning cleanse and I would happily use it again in the future. I also note that it lasted a really long time too making it rather good value for money.

One may remember back in March that I featured this foundation within my March Beauty Favourites; yes, it warranted such a claim. To date this has been one of the nicest foundations I have ever used. Whilst it doesn't necessarily have the lightest texture upon application, it does when buffed in create a beautiful finish on the skin. The only downside is that it is pricey, I'm talking £45 pricey. 

Narciso Rodriguez - For Her*

This year has been the first year in which I haven't purchased a fragrance, it is rather unusual for me as I tend to adore perfumes, however I have cut back a lot recently on beauty purchases. This of course has had an impact on my fragrance collection as I have used not one, not two but four fragrances up this year. Narciso Rodriguez For Her has to be one of my favourites of late, it is an utterly gorgeous scent which is ideal for this time of year. For a full review of this head onto my Narciso Rodriguez post from March last year. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

One of the most disappointing products I have ever used within the time in which I have being writing about beauty sadly comes in the form of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. For me I think the downfall of this product is the sheer hype that surrounded it, it was pretty big which of course led one to believe that this was a miracle in a bottle. In my experience nothing could be further from the truth as it did nothing for me whatsoever, other than leave an £11 dent within my purse. On a more positive note I know many bloggers who absolutely adore this product, therefore for me I have arrived at the conclusion that it is somewhat of a marmite product, you either love it or you hate it. 

Decléor Cleansing Gel*

This was a nice little cleanser to use and it is one that I would gladly use again because it did the job well. It wasn't harsh on my skin or overly scented, it was a nice simple product which worked. To be honest I find it hard to write much about this as I didn't use it for very long due to it being a small travel size bottle, that being said I did review a travel set from Decléor which featured a number of products from their purifying skincare range, in which I have to say I really did like their matifying lotion. 

Stella McCartney - Stella 

Stella by Stella McCartney has for a good five years now been one of my all-time favourite scents, in fact it is probably right up there with Armani Black Code which I utterly adore. I am incredibly sad to say goodbye to this as I won't be repurchasing it for a little while, especially as we head towards Christmas. As I delved through the archives I found a very old review of Stella by Stella McCartney from way back in 2013. One will have to ignore the incredibly poor photograph as it was way back when I had no concept of how to take a somewhat passable blog image, however the review is still relevant. 

Have you tried any of the above products? 

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4 November 2016

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

It is that time of year when the scent of candy floss makes its way back into bathrooms across the country, yes my friends, Snow Fairy is back. Each year it is the one product which I always make a point of buying from LUSH, I simply love it, there is also no denying that it makes me feel about ten years old again and do you know what, I am pretty OK with that.

Aside from the launch of the LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel for Christmas, an obligatory re-release each year of the super popular limited edition product, there has also been a new launch, that being the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner. This little pot of joy is a fun addition to the Snow Fairy range, I mean to say a pink body lotion with subtle flecks of glitter is more than anybody could want no?

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Whilst it is certainly not the type of product you would reach for on a daily basis (due to the glitter) it is a really nice addition to your skincare routine for this time of year, particularly if you're going to a party and have bare shoulders etc as your skin would have a really soft iridescent look to it; super pretty and girly. On that note this is why I think that perhaps this type of product is perhaps more suited to a younger audience, that being said I am a big kid at heart so I am all for it. 

Naturally of course with all of LUSH products this is cruelty free, it also has a relatively short shelf life so don't forget to use it up within a year of purchasing. That may sound like a long time but here I am, after having had the Comforter Shower Gel for exactly one year now and it is technically out of date....oops. That's what happens when you ration your favourite products, you ration them way too much and then get caught out; luckily for me there is only a smidgen left.

As a body conditioner I do find this to be quite hydrating, however I will be honest I know that I have used better products in regards to that. I find that it is an immediate improvement in hydration as well as sparkly legs, however it doesn't last as long as I would like. That being said I am still pretty happy I picked this up, although I will admit that the curiosity most certainly got the better of me when I saw this in my local LUSH store. 

The only real down side to this for me is the price as I do think it is expensive, especially for the small amount that you get. Perhaps this is the Scrooge in me coming out a bit too early, however for just 100g you are looking at £7.95. Perhaps don't take my advice and use this up quickly, be frugal, be frugal.

LUSH Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is available at LUSH online and in your local store. 


2 November 2016

Hydrated and Prepped Skin Throughout Autumn

Hydrated and Prepped Skin Throughout Autumn

We are now firmly in the middle of Autumn (well kind of) and it has got me thinking about incorporating new products into my skincare routine in order to cater for the colder weather that we are now embracing. Strictly speaking I am not using all of the above products together at any one time, my skin type is combination to oily with bouts of dehydration thrown in for good measure, therefore to suddenly bombard it with moisture inducing products would perhaps be a little too much. That being said, over recent weeks I have being trying out a few new things in order to see how they live up to the task of keeping my skin hydrated without increasing oiliness. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil*

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is a cult beauty product, yet for a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, I am almost ashamed to admit that I have yet to try it. Furthermore, when I was kindly sent the above to review a few months ago I found myself pretty excited to finally give something from the range a whirl. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil is infused with Tsubaki Oil which is known for its hydrating properties. This product can be used for your hair, body and face, although in all honesty I have strictly used this on my body so far. In a nut shell I absolutely love it as it sinks in quickly leaving my skin silky smooth. I notoriously suffer from dry skin, particularly on my legs therefore having incorporated this into my skincare routine I have noticed a notable difference. So far this is working wonders at keeping my legs and the rest of my body hydrated. No pesky dry knees that is for sure. 

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream*

In the past I have purchased and used a number of products from the Super Facialist range, they have all been fantastic. One of my favourite products is the Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil, it is beautiful therefore I was very optimistic about the day moisturiser from the same range. First and foremost, you need to like the rose scent to enjoy this product, it isn't the most over powering that I have tried however the scent is still relatively prominent. Personally I really like this so it does not affect me, although I know that this could be an issue for some. This is a really nice day cream, it isn't heavy at all and sinks in very well on the skin, however I do like to leave it a few minutes before I apply my primer for my make up. It is also worth noting that it has SPF 15 which is a nice addition as it provides you with just that extra bit of protection no matter what time of the year. 

Dirty Works 8-In-1 Miracle Serum*

This product instantly reminded me of a moisturiser that I used to use religiously, long before I started A Little Boat Sailing. Sadly, that moisturiser was discontinued and ever since I have missed that product within my routine. Whilst this serum isn't a moisturiser by nature it does have the same transparent look to it and texture. It is incredibly smooth, light weight and very cool to apply. In all honesty I was not expecting to like this product as much as I do; it is somewhat a bit of a lucky find. It is the first product from Dirty Works that I have tried and it has been a positive one at that. Not least is this super affordable, it really has helped my skin in terms of keeping it hydrated as I have been suffering of late. Whilst it is no miracle worker I do think that for £8, currently on offer at the time of writing for £5 that this really is worth trying out for yourself. 

Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish*

Moving slightly away from keeping your skin nice and hydrated this autumn to keeping it prepped. Now I don't know about you but the first area of my skin to start showing signs that the cold weather is getting to it is my lips. They become chapped and so sore, therefore in order to help combat that I like to gently exfoliate my lips in order to remove the dead skin cells. This then allows a nice thick lip balm to be applied to fresh skin. 

The Pixi Nourishing Lip Polish is a bit of an odd product as I initially thought that the product itself would have little sugar particles in, however from my experience in using it the only form of exfoliation comes from the applicator which has small raised bumps on it. To be honest I don't really like this method, it actually makes my lips a little sore after use which I am sure wasn't the aim. Regardless of this the actual product itself had no taste to it, I mean to say that it was very bland and somewhat verged on the side of tasting pretty awful. Not that any lip product should be eaten, I am not going to start encouraging that however considering it is this type of product one would expect this to have at least been considered. We all want a nice tasting lip balm no? 

Whilst I personally cannot recommend this myself it may of course work for you. It did the job in terms of exfoliating my lips that is for sure, it just wasn't an enjoyable product to use. 

Argan+ Overnight Treatment Cream*

Similar to my initial thoughts on the Dirty Works Serum, I was not sure what to expect of the Argan+ Overnight Treatment Cream. Up until now I had never tried the brand so of course I went in with an open mind. We all know that Argan Oil is well known for its hydration properties, it is found in so many hair care products as well as skincare therefore I knew that this would be a good product to start road testing at this time of year. 

There is no denying it that this product has one of the most incredible scents that I have ever smelt; it is utterly divine. In truth I fell in love with it long before I even applied it to my face. Speaking of which, once applied I really did think that it was going to take a long time to sink in, however I was pleasantly surprised. Having said that I have not used this on top of a particularly oily serum as I feel as though the two combined would be too heavy for my skin, that being said on top of the nice light Dirty Works serum as featured above this has worked beautifully. At first it was slightly tacky, in fact I really do emphasise the word slightly as it wasn't too much of a bother in truth, whereby after a minute or so this feeling had completely disappeared. It goes without saying that this gets the big thumbs up from me, it simply works and does the job very nicely indeed.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 

Regular readers will know that the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is probably my most loved product of all time, yes you read that correctly, I really do mean of all time. No other eye cream has ever came close to providing the hydration that this one does. It is a constant repurchase and it is used throughout the year every single day, no matter how warm or cold it is. This little gem has a whole review dedicated to it which you can read here

So there we have it, some new and old products which are used to help keep my skin hydrated and prepped throughout not just autumn but into winter too. Whilst I did not love the Pixi Lip Scrub I do in general really like the Pixi brand, the Glow Tonic is top notch! Personally I would highly recommend the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub if you're in the market for one, it is however slightly messier as it is in a little pot. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

30 October 2016

A Moment in Time with Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Watches
It is always exciting to sit down and share with you a new brand on A Little Boat Sailing. Whilst today's brand is not necessarily new, it is indeed the first time in which I have featured anything from it; which of course makes it all the more exciting to sit down and write this post. 

Cath Kidston is a well-known English fashion designer who is recognised for her beautiful floral patterns on both clothing and home furnishings. More recently a truly stunning collection of watches has been launched, whereby the whole range can be exclusively found on the Watch Shop.com. There is a wide selection of watches to choose from, ranging from the traditional leather strap to a more modern bracelet style; they're all utterly beautiful in my opinion and manage to capture the true essence of the Cath Kidston style. 

Cath Kidston Watches

From the newly launched range I have two to share with you today, the first of which being the Cath Kidston Trailing Rose Silver Bracelet Watch*. Out of the two styles in today's post I must admit that this one is my favourite; I have always opted for a slightly more 'chunky' style of watch. There are several styles like this, however I opted for the silver one as I thought it would make a nice change to the abundance of rose gold offerings that flood the market; that being said, if rose gold tickles your fancy then there is also an utterly beautiful watch in that finish.

Cath Kidston Watches The face on this watch is also in my favourite colour which is yet another reason as to why I picked this one over the other styles. It truly is beautiful, it is feminine, light to wear and it goes with everything due to the simple nature of the design. Out of the two it is the least detailed, the design on the face and the delicate branding is the only real giveaway that this belongs to the Cath Kidston brand. Personally I do like this because it is a bit easier to wear, that being said, the second design looks stunning against my leather Pandora bracelet so it all really does depend on how you style each piece. 

Cath Kidston Watches In contrast to this, the Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Charcoal Watch* is visually much more typical of the floral designs that Cath Kidston is so well known for. Made from genuine leather this is for me more delicate than the first, it is the type of watch that I would not opt to wear every day, saving only for more special occasions due to the nature of the strap.

It goes without saying that this is again a stunning piece of jewellery, in fact, I think that it is a perfect piece for this time of year as the contrast between the dark and light colours used within the design are really quite autumnal, especially against the rose gold plating used on the face of the watch. Out of the two this style is may be perceived as the more feminine due to the more prominent floral design; although I personally adore both styles and will most certainly get a lot of wear out of them both. 

On a whole I have to say that for a brand such as Cath Kidston I was expecting the price point to be higher than it is. For me personally I think that they have been priced extremely well, they're not unobtainable in the slightest and of course prices do vary depending on the style you choose.

If, after reading this you are even more interested in the Cath Kidston Watch range, especially as we head towards Christmas and you're looking for ideas (or just a treat for yourself), then don't forget to head on over to check out the whole range over at the Watch Shop. 

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25 October 2016

James Viana Jewellery

James Viana Jewellery
It is no secret that I am a big fan of jewellery, I mean, what woman isn't? 

In the past I have featured a variety of different styles and brands over here on A Little Boat Sailing as I am an advocate for having different styles of jewellery for various occasions, although in my eyes you cannot beat simple and intricate pieces; they are timeless. Therefore, when I was introduced to James Viana Jewellery back in September I was immediately enticed by the jewellery that they have to offer. From simple, elegant designs to the bolder and beautiful, I truly believe they have something to fit all manner of tastes when it comes to choosing your next piece. 
James Viana Jewellery
As we approach the party season it is well worth taking a look at James Viana if you are looking to add a little sparkle to your outfit this year; naturally Christmas and New Year are perfect opportunities to add that little extra to your look. I for one will be wearing the beautiful Smoky Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings* this Christmas which I have been kindly sent from the James Viana team. They are utterly beautiful and are made up of genuine earth mined gemstones, they will look simply gorgeous against a little black dress which is a cult classic in every woman's wardrobe. 

James Viana pride themselves on their Sterling Silver jewellery, in which from all sales made, 10% of the profit goes towards charities which focus on causes for women.

James Viana Jewellery

The team at James Viana have also kindly created a voucher code which will give you 20% off any purchase from now up until the 31st December. It is never easy to pass up on a discount, therefore it is well worth having a look for any Christmas gifts or little treats to yourself. Simply use JVBO20% at the online checkout in order for this to be deducted from your purchase. 

Have you spotted anything you like over on James Viana

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

20 October 2016

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

If you haven't been hiding under a rock then it will not have gone unnoticed that the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set has, over the last year caused quite the stir within the beauty community. It goes without saying that the aesthetic appeal of these brushes has clearly been the main selling point (in my opinion); they truly do look beautiful. They also, incidentally, do happen to make the perfect photography prop for photographs which is why they have heavily featured in nearly all of my recent posts. Sorry, not sorry. 

That being said, visual appeal aside, are they actually worth spending your hard earned cash on? Do they tick the boxes and would you, more importantly, repurchase come the time?

Retailing at £65 for the set. I do realise that this may initially feel as though it is quite an expensive purchase. Having said that, for that neat sum you are receiving a total of eight brushes which makes each brush a much more affordable £8.50; it isn't so bad when you think of it that way as in the past I have happily paid £10 and more for individual Real Techniques and MAC brushes.

This set of brushes is made up of both synthetic fibres (for cream products) and natural hair (for powder products). Naturally this is something to bear in mind if you prefer to use brushes which are solely synthetic. They arrive in a beautiful pouch which is actually surprisingly very sturdy; it could easily be used regularly without showing signs of wear and tear.

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush (Synthetic)

This brush is made up of synthetic fibres and it is used for applying foundation. Strictly speaking they do all have a particular use, however I do tend to vary what I use my brushes for on occasion just to shake things up a little bit. Over the past three months I have being using a beauty blender to apply my concealer and foundation, therefore to jump back to a brush for this was a little strange. That being said this brush performed so much better than any other foundation brush that I have used to date. The finish was much cleaner and looked almost airbrushed, it is a great alternative to my beauty blender. 

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush (Synthetic)

Like the previous brush this is again made up of synthetic fibres and is used primarily for applying concealer. It has to be said that I really like this brush for applying concealer around the nose and chin area, however the brush is quite stiff which makes it a little awkward to use under the delicate eye area.

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush (natural)

The first of the natural hair brushes is the Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush which is used for applying blusher. Personally I love the fact that this is an angled brush as it allows you to create that beautiful upwards motion much more easily when applying product. Naturally of course you would not use this for applying cream blush, however for powder it is perfect.

Zoeva 106 Powder Brush (synthetic)

For me powder brushes are pretty standard, I have yet to use one which I have not liked as when it comes to using them I only really ever use them for applying setting powder; I would not use them for applying powder blush for instance due to the difference in colour. This brush is extremely soft, it picks up powder very well and allows even application across the areas I choose. I honestly cannot fault this one, it is a great addition to my brush collection and it incidentally replaces a very old and battered Eco Tools Powder Brush. 

Zoeva  317 Wing Liner Brush (synthetic)

At the time of purchasing the collection I really did need a new angled brush like this as my only one was primarily used for my eye brows, therefore it had become a little irritating as I often wished to use it for applying winged liner and obviously the colours being used were very, very different. I have to say that whilst this will be a nice brush for filling in brows, however I do wish that it was firmer, particularly so that the initial shape can be created with precision. As it stands, I am therefore currently still on the market for a good angled brush. 

Zoeva 231 Petit Crease Brush (natural)

This brush is quite possibly my favourite from the entire set. It is very different to any other brush that I have used in the past due to the shape of it, however I think that this is what makes it stand out so much. The dome shape allows much more precision and also allows me to blend under my water line much easier too.

Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush (natural)

For me this brush is incredibly similar to the popular 217 from MAC. As I do own that brush already I do find that they compare very well indeed, in fact, so much so that I do not feel the need to re-purchase my MAC 217 (which is looking a bit worse for wear these days). It blends eye shadow beautifully and effortlessly and picks up product very well indeed; again this is a fantastic brush from Zoeva.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush (synthetic) 

Generally speaking, this is used for shaping the face, clearly as the name would suggest, however I did struggle with this one. The reason for that is because it wasn't as domed shaped as I would normally like. For instance, the Charlotte Tilbury contour brush is perfect for creating a beautiful hollow within the cheeks. This is probably the only brush out of the whole set which I would not miss, however the set in its entirety is worth it in my opinion.

Overall I have to say that I have on a whole been very impressed with my first experience with make up brushes from Zoeva. In the past I have been very reluctant to try a new brush as I do often stick to my favourites which I know perform well, that been said, it has been really nice to explore what a new brand has to offer. I will definitely be looking towards Zoeva next time I am in the market for some new brushes.

Have you tried Zoeva?


11 October 2016

A New Look - Galvani

A Little Boat Sailing

The last week has been an extremely busy one for me, what with uni, work and finally getting out and tackling a 5k run I have been somewhat distracted from my little space on the internet. Luckily for me I have some long overdue holiday very soon, therefore I can't wait to get stuck back into my blog once more. 

Today's post is just a super quick one to acknowledge the awesome new template I purchased from Pipdig a few weeks ago. The Galvani template is much more user friendly and looks incredibly neat and professional in my opinion. There are of course a few tweaks I would like to make, I am most certainly looking into changing my header, however for now I am pretty happy with the way things are looking over here. 

The home page offers much more to the reader and of course the categories option (once I have finished setting it up) should hopefully allow readers to browse my blog easier. 

Let me know what you think of the new design and of course head on over to Pipdig to check out the templates they have to offer. 


4 October 2016

The Bookshelf #2

The Bookshelf 

Back in April I posted my very first blog post within this series, where sadly it has taken me five whole months to get around to posting the second instalment. Oops.

Whilst I used to be literally be the definition of a book worm, I have most certainly fell off that in recent years. It is not that I don't want to read, I just for some reason push it down my priority list which is a shame as I used to enjoy it immensely; although I still do when I find a gripping tale to get stuck into. To be honest with you next year I have already decided that I will be making one of my resolutions to quite simply read more; I will be making a conscious effort to tackle the books that have being sitting on my bookshelf for far too long. 

The two most recent reads for me since The Bookshelf #1 have been very different, one being a complete fiction whereas the other being the type of book that I haven't read since I was at school; that being a play. 

Nicola Yoon - Everything Everything 

Reading this was initially based upon an impulse decision as I happened to see it lying on my sisters bed after she had come home one evening. Naturally, like all books with a decent cover I found myself picking it up and having a quick flick through. Half an hour later I'm thirty pages in and delving into the life of Madeline Whittier and embracing her journey with her illness. I will be honest in that from the point of a 27 year old, ahem, 20 year old, I did think that overall it was a book aimed at a much younger audience than myself. That being said I still enjoyed it, albeit it being a rather easy read and a little far-fetched in places. 

J K Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany - Harry Potter and The Cursed Child 

Yes, this book was not just written by just J K Rowling alone, although deep down I so wish that it had been. The news of the launch of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was incredibly exciting for me and of course millions of fans across the world. From an age old fan at the age of 11 to my somewhat older age now, I found myself so incredibly intrigued as to what this new addition would bring to my vision of Hogwarts and indeed the Harry Potter story. 

Whilst reading this format was initially a challenge, I soon managed to look past the script and style of the book and was rapidly drawn back into the wizarding world that I had fallen in love with all those years ago. The Cursed Child for me was extremely different to the story I had known previously, although of course it was bound to be, however I was left feeling a little deflated about the experience once I had finished it. It is hard to pin point exactly what I didn't like about the book, because I also felt very happy that once again I had experienced a further dose of Harry Potter. I do however think that ultimately it wasn't my Harry Potter, it wasn't the Harry Potter I had grown up with; it was different and I didn't like the change. 

That being said I am still super glad that I read this book. It was fantastic to read another take on the story and to be part of something which J K Rowling worked on, regardless if the fact that it wasn't what I had expected.  

When it comes to writing these posts I never like to delve too much into a book, mainly because I am not one for spoiling the plot for others.  Ultimately I just like to share with you the latest books that I have read, it is also a nice opportunity to discover perhaps some new reads from you in the comments below, therefore do let me know if you have any recommendations.

What have you read recently?


27 September 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette Review It has been a while since I purchased a product solely because of the hype. Whilst I refrained for the best part of a year from buying the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set, I did find myself giving in quite easy when I realised that Selfridges also stocked the much talked about eye shadow palettes.

My local store does not have a wide range of Zoeva products, however they do appear to have the most popular from the range. For a long time Zoeva had only been available from online stores, which is another reason as to why I had held off for so long as I really do like to see something for myself before I buy it.

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette Review The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette retails at £18, which I personally think is relatively reasonable in comparison to so many palettes on the market. For that price you get ten eye shadows which range from a variety of warm neutrals to rich coppers and red tones. The only downside to the palette at first instance is that it is made from cardboard. Personally I do like my palettes to be more sturdy, however perhaps I am being a little too picky where that is concerned. That being said, many cheaper brands still manage to encase their products in some form of plastic casing which is of course much more durable. However, due to this type of packaging it naturally makes the palette extremely light which would be useful for traveling; although you would then have the issue of it not being as sturdy as one would like.

There are four matte shades within the Cocoa Blend Palette, those being 'Bitter Start, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted and Beans are White'; the remainder of the shades are all shimmers, with 'Infusion' in particular having quite prominent flecks of glitter within it.
Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette Review One can't help but feel that all of these shades are somewhat dupable, particularly when you look at 'Warm Notes' and instantly compare it to MAC Cranberry. However, for the price and the convenience of these shadows all being housed within one palette I can overlook that.

In terms of pigmentation I have to say that I have been very impressed, all of the shadows barring one are really strong and apply well. The only shade which I feel is a bit of a let-down is 'Bitter Start' which I do feel is a little chalky, however in my experience these lighter shades in any palette tend to be the weakest link regardless of the price tag or brand.

On a whole my first experience with make up from Zoeva has been very positive indeed. A new eye shadow palette was certainly something I did not need within my make up collection, however curiosity really did get the better of me on this one.

Have you tried anything from Zoeva?


20 September 2016

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad ReviewThere is no denying that when it comes to makeup, Tom Ford is right up there at the height of luxury. Of course alongside this comes a somewhat hefty price tag to match, therefore it is important to not rush into purchasing a particular product as you will want to make a well informed decision; not everyone has £64 to splash out on a new eye shadow quad. 

The Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad had been on my wish list for a little while until I finally purchased it back in February this year. I was extremely pleased to find out that it had been released into the permanent collection because previously it had only been a limited edition. 

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad Review

Of course when spending more money on something like this you will naturally expect the packaging and presentation to be perfect. My personal opinion on the Tom Ford packaging is that it is done incredibly well. I like that it is simple and there are no frills to it, everything is effortless and sleek yet it still holds a feminine quality alongside a bit of a masculine flare.

In contrast to Cocoa Mirage, this is an all shimmer quad, in fact all of the shades have quite a frosty finish baring one, although you could definitely argue that this is still a strong shimmer in my opinion. This is something to bear in mind as I highly recommend trying this in store yourself, it is not one to order on a whim as it may be a bit too frosty for your taste; that being said it is a beautiful palette of fantastic quality. The shades all blend effortlessly and they look absolutely stunning on. 

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Shadow Quad Review

Each of the four shades work perfectly together which is another reason as to why this palette is so perfect in my eyes. There is a gorgeous champagne tone which I like to use as a bit of a highlight for the inner corner and brow bone. The remaining shades are what I use in order to create the main make up look. The light rose copper (this is the best way I could describe it) and the typical taupe shade are perfect when combined, where upon adding the darker brown tone to the crease it helps to add that extra bit of definition and sultry feel any look. 

In terms of quality Tom Ford Eye Shadows are relatively hard to beat, they are simply exquisite. They apply beautifully and require little effort on my part, they're buttery soft with no fall out having being experienced. 

Yes, these are expensive beauty purchases, you simply cannot deny it. That being said, when putting a few pennies away each month in order to be able to treat yourself to something you really want in the end then I ultimately don't see anything wrong with it.

Have you used anything from Tom Ford?


10 September 2016

Testing Testing #3 Beauty Tools and Skincare

Zoeva Rose Gold Make Up Brushes
Yesterday evening after work I made a spontaneous decision to head into town to my local Selfridges. In fact, I will be honest; it wasn't as spontaneous as I would like to make out as I was on somewhat of a mission. That mission being to finally purchase the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set as they are now stocked in my local store. 

For over one year I have wanted to purchase this brush set, not just because they are visually beautiful but also because so many people I trust have recommended them to me; they have insisted that the quality is there alongside the aesthetic appeal.

Zoeva Rose Gold Make Up Brushes
Naturally of course I wanted to photograph these in all of their glory before I used them, as I highly doubt I will be able to get them looking this good again once they have been dipped into eye shadows and various blushes. The Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set has of course featured heavily on social media which I think is the main reason as to why I had put off buying them until now, I wanted the hype to die down in order to see if they really were worth it. At £65 this set wasn't cheap, however you do get eight brushes within the set which makes each brush less than £8.50, I personally think this is a good deal in itself. 

Over the next few weeks I'll be putting these to the test therefore I will report back on them to share with you my thoughts.

Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme + Global Anti-aging Cell Power Crème An even more recent addition is the Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme + Global Anti-aging Cell Power Crème* (what a mouthful). In fact, this product literally arrived on my doorstep this morning which means that I am unable to say anymore more about it other than it smells bloody lovely. Essentially it is a moisturiser which promises to give radiant skin whilst improving the skin's elasticity, however the proof will be in the pudding once I have been able to try it out. Having never tried any skincare from Estee Lauder I am incredibly excited to give this a go over the coming weeks and months. It is quite a decent size therefore I should get quite a bit of use out of it. Here is hoping that it helps with the dehydration that I am starting to see again around my nose again now that we are approaching autumn. 

Estee Lauder skincare and indeed other premium beauty products can be purchased from House of Fraser where they are currently running a beauty promotion of £10 off when you spend £50, which, if you're a beauty addict like me is well worth looking at. You will need to get your skates on though as it is due to end this Sunday. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


The Perfect Duo - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

Whilst browsing through an abundance of photographs on my computer over the weekend, I happened to stumble across this one which I took way back in 2014. It is crazy to think that I first tried this brand two years ago; time really has flown by since then. To date Charlotte Tilbury remains to be one of my favourite make up brands; everything I have tried thus far has exceeded expectations. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is only a matter of time before I finally add Glastonberry to my collection.

Bitch Perfect from the original lipstick line is one of my favourite nudes to wear, it is quite literally the perfect pinky peach tone against my complexion. Back in September two years ago I published a full review on this which you can find here.

The Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blusher in the shade Sex on Fire is the only blush I own from the brand, that being said I would like to try the cream formulas in order to see how they perform. Visually these look a bit suspect to me, I mean they literally look like a nipple in a pan; there is no denying it. That being said, when you can finally look past that the product itself isn't too bad at all, although I will admit that I am not head over heels in love with the whole 'swish and pop' selling point.

Sex on Fire provides an incredibly natural glow to the cheeks, however I have struggled with blending this on occasion because if I am a bit careless then I can easily go over the top due to the pigmentation being so high. It is a beautiful blush there is no denying it, yet it is one which requires a little more caution on my part.

Each year Charlotte Tilbury launches something special for Christmas. I have yet to see any sneak previews as of yet, however I am super excited to see what she pulls out of the bag this time around.

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?


3 September 2016

Bedside Beauty

Bedside Beauty
When it comes to my evening skincare routine I must admit that I like to keep it as simple and as minimal as I can. The reason for this being is that I simply don't like my skin to feel weighed down in products when I am getting ready to go to sleep; not that I do during the day mind you. 

For a rather long time I have stuck to the same skincare of an evening. Typically, I used to always use the Origins Night-A-Mins night cream (which I do have a backup of), alongside my trusty Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Avocado Eye Cream. As you'll see, the last two products still heavily feature within my routine, although there has been a more recent addition which I have being incorporating into my routine within the last few weeks.

The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate* is a beautiful evening facial oil which hydrates the skin overnight, helping to give radiant skin come morning. Everything about this product gets the thumbs up from me; I can honestly see it always being within my routine somewhere because it simply works for my skin type, which is oily to combination with areas of dehydration. 

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I am quite the fan of the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, it is quite frankly the most talked about product on my blog. For a full review of this head on over to this post and of course let me know if you have tried it. For those who suffer with dehydration under their eyes like me, then this is well worth picking up to try. At a price of £20 I think it is an absolute bargain because it lasts a really long time, a little goes a long way and quite simply it works.

Bedside Beauty

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one of those products which you either like, dislike or feel completely vexed that you paid £12 for something which does nothing...I fall into the latter category. To be honest with you I am using this up, it's almost gone and once it is I will not be rebuying. For clarification, it is not a bad product, it just does not do anything for me at all other than feel refreshing on my face for all of ten seconds. 

Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil was probably the only skincare item this year that I just could not wait to get my hands on. Luckily for me it was within the Cult Beauty Box I ordered a few months back which made it a much more purse friendly purchase. Now, I will be up right and honest with you, I have not been using this long enough to make up my mind on it yet, at least I cannot yet say that it is worth the £85 price tag. That being said, first impressions are very, very good. I will be back with a more in-depth review on this one because for that price it is most certainly warranted. 

The final product upon my night stand is the Yu Ling Jade Face Roller. For me this is a bit of a princess product, it is certainly not necessary however I am very glad to have it because when I do use it regularly I do notice that my skin looks better. It is an odd one this, I was not expecting to fall for the whole idea of massaging your face with a cold hard rock, yet I am very much into it. Puffiness be gone. 

Do you use any of the above beauty products of an evening?

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


29 August 2016

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Scrub Love Mint Temptation Scrub Love Mint Temptation

I will admit, I am not a coffee drinker; it just does not sit well with me. That being said, when I first heard of coffee scrubs I was somewhat intrigued. If I am honest, I have always loved the smell of coffee; drinking it however is a different matter entirely. So what better way to get a cheeky coffee fix without having to drink the stuff than to have it incorporated into your skincare routine...hear me out on this one.

Scrub Love is an organic, fair trade brand with ethically sourced coffee scrubs which are made right here in the UK. The scrubs are all natural and made up of various oils, salts and of course roasted ground coffee. There are currently three options at the moment, although it would be great to see the range expand further. In order to experience the delights of Scrub Love, I was kindly provided with the Mint Temptation* option in order to road test the brand which was super exciting; I love a good body scrub! 

Upon opening Mint Temptation, I was hit with a very strong scent of coffee and peppermint. This was not off putting at all; I simply adore mint scents so this was an instant hit with me. Considering that I had just got back from a run this was ideal, a nice refreshing scrub was just what the Doctor had ordered. The scrub itself is easy to use, you simply take a small amount (a little does go quite far) and rub in circular motions onto your skin. You can leave it on for five minutes whilst you wash your hair, or simply wash it off once you're done. I would suspect the Coconut Affair Scrub is the most beneficial for the hydrating element due to the coconut oil being present.

Naturally there was quite a mess to be cleared up after I had used this, there was coffee everywhere in my shower! That being said, I am already looking forward to using it again as my skin felt super soft and was left feeling incredibly tingly long after I had finished my shower; this must have been down to the peppermint oil.

Scrub Love can be purchased over on their website for £12.95 for 200ml. Personally I do think this is a rather luxurious treat because it is a shower product, therefore it won't be on your skin for that long. For me it is more expensive than I originally anticipated it being, that being said it is really nice to see a natural, organic brand so sometimes paying more for something such as this can be justified. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

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