25 January 2016

Skincare Favourites of 2015


As we hit the end of last year I hinted within my Beauty Favourites of 2015 that I would feature some of my favourite skincare products from the last twelve months. Seeing as February is almost upon us I thought that I would sneak this one in quickly, as I am not quite sure I could get away with this post any later. Long term followers here will recognise products that I have written about before, although that is in my opinion always a good thing as it just goes to show how much you can like a specific product.

Starting off with moisturiser I was delighted to discover the brand Yves Rocher last year in which I was able to try their Yves Rocher Sérum Végétal Wrinkles and Radiance* duo which I really enjoyed using. Out of the two it was the night cream which I thought stood out the most, although that being said I thought the day cream was perfectly adequate for my skin type. Having since used these up I am extremely tempted to purchase them, although I am desperately trying to work my way through the skincare I currently have. If you wish to read more on these then head on over to my review of the Yves Rocher Day and Night Cream.

The Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner has been a long term product within my routine over the last twelve months. It is something which I have grown fond of, although don't expect to see immediate results as this is something which in my experience requires a bit of patience. I do have very little to compare this to when it comes to chemical based exfoliators and hope to this year pick up a few things in order to see if I do have better results. That being said this is extremely pleasant to use, it is kind to my skin and it does not cause any irritation. Over the time in which I have being using this my skin has looked clearer and brighter, therefore it is something which I always find myself going back to. 

Two further favourites of mine come in the form of the Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic which I have repurchased a couple of times and the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado which again I have picked up on more than one occasion. These are both delightful products and work extremely well on my skin, I cannot imagine not using these as I have yet to find anything which works better. The tonic is something which I like to use after I have cleansed, particularly if I have used a clay mask as it helps to hydrate my skin really nicely. Similarly the Kiehl's Eye Cream is a staple and helps to hydrate under my eye area much better than any other eye cream I have used. It is generally quite a thick product which is what I need as I am prone to dehydration in this area. 

Dehydration was something which I suffered from quite a lot last year, particularly as we headed into autumn. The Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum* luckily came to my rescue and really did help to alleviate some of that, in fact, having had such a good experience with this it has definitely made me want to look at Jurlique more in order to see what other products they have which may suit my skin type. The texture of this truly is beautiful as it glides onto the skin and feels quite cool to the touch. It sinks in very well and does not leave my skin feeling tight or tacky which is a relief as I had being using this of a morning before I put on my moisturiser and make up. 

What are your current skincare favourites? 

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