2 January 2016

The Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

Before I get swept up into the new start that 2016 brings I wanted to look back on 2015 and share with you some of my personal favourite blog posts. I don't have one of these uber fancy blog designs which shares my previous content therefore it often can fall by the way side as people rarely browse the archives any more. That being said if you are an archive browser then high five! I love doing that myself.

January 2015 saw lots of new posts as so often the New Year can sprout lots of new ideas. One of my favourite posts to write and one which so many of you seemed to enjoy too was my 'Things I've Learnt About Blogging', thank you all for so much positive and interesting feedback in the comments on that one. 

February saw me attempt to be more upfront and personal with you guys, where if I am honest this is something I failed to continue throughout the year; I hope that this year whilst still blogging about beauty I can make this more of a personal blog too.

During March I moved house and boy oh boy was that a stressful time! I also discovered a skincare duo which I came to adore from an unlikely brand and I also shared with you my Mac Lipstick Collection, which I must say now needs updating since I picked up Rebel.

April  was jam packed with beauty, which in hindsight I do wish I had mixed things up a little! Having said that if you are a big fan of Soap and Glory like me, then I most certainly had you covered. 

May saw me start to try and mix up my photos a bit, I think I even started to use a bit of the old marble effect backgrounds here. I reckon 2015 will forever be known as the marble year for bloggers. In my personal life May also saw me leave a company where I had being working for the last seven years, it was very strange but oddly relieving too. 

June saw the start of my exam period at university which was incredibly stressful and busy. I am extremely glad that it is over now, that is until the LPC. One of my favourite discoveries in June were the beautiful illustrations by Ellen McCrimmon, I highly recommend checking them out. 

My birthday month of July finally saw me heading off to the British Grand Prix which was amazing! I also started a brand new job which somewhat promoted my 'Interview make up' post.

As we headed into August and indeed the remainder of the year it became apparent to me that my work and blog balance was quite simply all over the place. This is still something I am getting to grips with, but do hope that when we get out of winter that I will at least have more daylight on my side to take blog photos in the week instead of having to rely on the weekends. During August I did discover one of my all-time favourite fragrances, that being Thierry Mugler Alien*, in fact I loved it so much that I have used it all up and now need to buy a replacement.

September, October and November all seemed to fly by. Like I mentioned before I have really struggled with balancing work, life and my blog and really do take my hat off to those who have being working full time and who also manage to blog regularly too, it is no mean feat.

Finally December rolled around and with that a much needed break. The last half of the year had being incredibly busy, stressful and emotional and I was ready to get in my bed and not emerge until two weeks later. Naturally of course I have ended the year with my Beauty Favourites of 2015 which is always a treat to write, whilst tomorrow I will be sitting down to write my bloggers of the year post; I am so excited!

Once again thank you all for being there and reading my little space on the internet throughout 2015, you guys truly are the best. 

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