4 January 2016

What I Received For Christmas

What I Received For Christmas

It only seems like yesterday when I had broken up from work for Christmas, yet here I am, the night before I return back to work writing about what I had received from my family this year. I had to scroll through my blog archives to see if I had ever written a post like this before, where it would appear that I had not. In all honesty I was in two minds as to whether I was going to write it, I think some people either love this type of post, whereas some are not so keen. Personally I like them, which is why I am writing it. I always find it fun to see what people got, a bit like I enjoy seeing people's excited faces when they're opening their gifts on Christmas morning. 

I am always so very grateful for the things I receive, although in truth I think that when it comes to Christmas I enjoy the gift giving more than receiving; it leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside! So whilst I am at work, sitting in the office and dreaming of coming back home to my cosy bed I will get down to business and share with you a few of the things I received this Christmas. 

It is never quite Christmas in my household without a bit of Soap and Glory. In previous years I have tended to pick up their big gift set that goes on offer, however for the last two years I hadn't because it had being taking me so long to use the stuff up. Therefore to receive the Soap and Glory Bright and Bubbly set this year was wonderful as my supply of the pink stuff had almost been spent.

Speaking of pink stuff, I was super delighted to receive a new bottle of LUSH Snow Fairy as last year I missed out on picking some up. In all fairness I usually pick up the smaller one as I think it is expensive for what it is, therefore to receive the larger version this year made me super happy as I now won't have to be as frugal with this one as I have been in the past.

It is no secret that I am a huge Harry Potter fan, in fact I do believe my mum had being spying on my blog as it wasn't so long back when I featured this gorgeous box set within my Christmas Harry Potter Gift Guide. Sticking with books for one more moment I also received The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. This was a book that I had not heard of before, however I am already one hundred pages in and I am hooked.

With the release of Adele's single Hello, I knew immediately that I would have to pick up her album 25. Naturally I was told to hold fire on this as my family were struggling to think of things to buy me this year. This was the one gift I knew about and I have being listening to this, alongside Sam Smith all day whilst I have being catching up on some blogging.

What I Received For Christmas

Before the run up to Christmas I had expressed my wish for a new setting powder as my current and only one is running quite low. My friend a few months back had picked up the bare Minerals Mineral Veil and had recommended it to me. This of course coincided with the release of the bare Minerals Deluxe Finishing Powder in the collector's edition presentation box. Yes it's a bit glam but I personally love it, I love the fact that it is refillable so that I can re-use it once I run out of the product as I can simply buy a new one to pop in. 

Having never tried anything from Ted Baker before, I was really quite pleasantly surprised to receive this lovely gift set full of an array of body products. I am really looking forward to trying these soon in order to see what they are like, I'll also be saving the box for storage as it has the most beautiful design on it. 

Finally I have a new cup and coaster because I am after all an avid tea drinker; this lovely little set is from Boofle which I admit to being quite the fan of.

So there we have it, Christmas and all the madness that goes with it is most certainly over for another year. It is now the time for getting back to work, looking after ourselves and loved ones as well as having lots of fun and laughter.

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