11 February 2016

Bloggers Block and Why It Is Not Always So Easy To Overcome

Bloggers Block

Bloggers block is something which I currently find myself battling with more and more often. It is an odd experience for me to deal with because in the past I have always had something to write about on here. Lately however, I have become extremely critical of what I publish online, I over analyse everything and I will openly hold my hands up to comparing myself against others. 

Having being reading a vast amount of blogs now for what will be four years come March, I have in that time seen a variety of different posts on how to deal with this type of issue, many of which have been super helpful. However, how do you deal with bloggers block when it just keeps on happening? Is the solution to really take a break? When this feeling keeps on rearing its ugly head it can make you panic somewhat. So many thoughts have run through my mind recently, maybe I will never get my blog mojo back, maybe, just maybe this isn't for me anymore.

I would be lying if I was to say that this thought had not popped into my head, although, as I have said on here a number of times before, I really do adore blogging and therefore find it somewhat inconceivable that I would ever stop; at least not any time soon anyway. 

There are a great deal of websites and articles online which are out there to inspire us and to get our creative minds on the go. Although for me (at least currently), no matter how many ideas I initially seem to have, I can never quite get them down onto paper or laid out before the camera lens. The harsh reality for me is that I rarely feel confident about the content that I produce. This has over time led to me feeling a little bit inadequate, which even by saying that makes me feel a little bit ridiculous. However when you enjoy something and care about it in equal measure then it can be quite demoralizing at times to think you are not good enough. We have probably all been there at some point. 

When I have been stuck for ideas I have found myself trawling the web for ideas, sometimes it is useful, sometimes it often can just make me feel worse and even more critical. One would think that with age comes the wisdom to simply do your own thing and to not worry what others think. I thought I was once there, but a few knock backs can often put you on the back foot. As a beauty blogger on a whole I generally worry my blog is a bit stagnant which is why I am trying to remove myself from dedicated reviews, although if I love that one particular lipstick then you betcha there will be one dedicated entirely to that. 

Upon writing this post I thought I knew where I would want to take it, however as I have made my way through it I realise that I have lost my way a little bit. It has ended up a bit of a jumbled mess, which I guess may resemble my mind set on blogging at the moment. 

How do you overcome bloggers block?

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