16 March 2016

Four Years Later

A Little Boat SailingLast weekend my little space on the internet turned the grand old age of four. It is hard to comprehend sometimes at just how quickly time has gone since I first sat down and typed up my very first blog post. Back in 2012 I was in my second year of university, I was living away from home and things were pretty good. Fast forward onto 2016 where my life is now completely different. In that time I have graduated with a first class degree which I am really proud of, I also suffered heartbreak after my relationship of five years broke down and I then proceeded to make things super hard for myself by embarking upon the GDL. This was all at a time where perhaps in all honesty I should have just looked after myself and focused on getting back to who I was.

That being said, I am now very happy with the way things are going in my life. As we headed towards the end of last year and indeed into 2016 things have really taken a positive turn for me, not just in terms of a career point of view but also personally too. It is funny how life can pan out sometimes as opportunities can arise out of something so small. Some people can walk out of our lives for good when you thought that they would always be there, but then others can walk back into it when you were least expecting it. If I am learning anything at the moment it is to have a bit of courage, because with it something pretty special may blossom. I have to say that it feels good to finally feel somewhat at peace with myself again, after what was a rather long battle of trying to find my feet.

Nevertheless, throughout all of that, this blog has somehow remained ticking over; although I will admit that things have slowed down a lot on here in the last six months. A Little Boat Sailing will never be my job, in fact I don't ever want it to be. If you had asked me a year ago then perhaps I would have said differently deep down, however my opinions and priorities are so different now. In the past I have said before that I do not intend to stop blogging and that is still very much the case. Having said that it would be fair enough to say that I don't feel the need or urge to blog as regularly as I did once before. This will never be the blog for daily beauty updates and it will certainly never be a blog which offers a rose tinted view on things because life isn't always perfect, we each have our bad times to go alongside our good.

This online space has been a diary almost, an open book in some respect as it is out there for people to read, people who I may never even know. Whether readers are a fly by visitors who only pop by the once or whether they are even old friends who like to catch up every now and then, I want this to be a blog which offers something which they can take away with them, although what that is yet I am still yet to work out. This blog originally started off as a beauty blog predominately and I guess that is how most people still see it. However, I know that I would like to change that, I love beauty, I truly do but I need and want to bring more to the table, I want to offer more because I know that I have more to offer.

A Little Boat Sailing

To those who read my blog and leave me comments I want to thank you. It is always an old cliche when you read those words, but as a blogger knowing that people enjoy your content means the world. A lot of time and effort goes into producing blog posts, especially when you yourself are your own worst critic, therefore the kind words and encouragement truly do mean more than words can ever say.

Even after four years I still very much enjoy writing this blog and I hope that whether you are a new reader or old, that you enjoy reading it just as much.

Thank you. 

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