9 April 2016

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Makeup Collection
Blogging can be as fast or as slow paced as you make it. No matter whether you produce daily content or post twice a week, it is still pretty easy to build up a volume of content which perhaps once off your home page rarely gets the chance to be seen again. As I sit down to write my 659th post *gulp* I decided that every now and then I would like to bring back to the home page some of the posts that I am personally most proud of. Working on blog posts can often take a lot more time than people may initially think. If of course you are a blogger then you know exactly what I mean, therefore I think it will be nice to highlight some of those posts every now and then. 

The first post I am bringing back is somewhat of a cheat if I do say so myself, as this post is part of a series which I thoroughly enjoyed creating. 

The Muji Files spanned over six individual posts which shared with you my make up collection as it was then. Naturally of course there have been a few new products which have crept in since that time, some have also since been removed. In fact, I think this post will simply lead to working on an up to date make up collection post for the near future. Nevertheless, there are quite a few products throughout this series which I still use to this day, many of which are cult classics and favourites among many of you. 

So, if you didn't catch them the first time round then have no fear, I have popped all of the links to each of the six posts below.

The Muji Files Part 1 - Foundation and Concealer
The Muji Files Part 2 - Eyeshadow
The Muji Files Part 3 - Mascara and Eyeliner
The Muji Files Part 4 - Blush and Highlight
The Muji Files Part 5 - Lipstick
The Muji Files Part 6 - Lipstick 

On a side note, I had a bit of fun putting the graphic above together in Photoshop. I really like how it turned out for my first attempt, let me know what you think in the comments below as I am considering putting graphics like this together a bit more often now. 

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