28 May 2016

Spring Fragrances

Spring Fragrances

Fragrances are one of the most personal beauty products out there in my opinion. There are so many to choose from these days that it can often be somewhat overwhelming when looking for a new one to purchase. Gone are the days when I would walk around my local department store spritzing bottle after bottle. My senses cannot take that these days as by the third option I am left feeling overpowered by all the different scents. 

Over the last few weeks I have run out of three of my most used fragrances, Flora by Gucci pictured above is just one of those. This is why I now find myself on the hunt for something new, Jo Malone is quite certainly appealing to me at the moment, although I am most certainly open to some new recommendations if you have them. 

Generally speaking, I am not one to typically fall into the stereotype of using specific makeup for the season we are in, however where fragrances are concerned I can be a bit more precise. Whilst having a clear out of beauty products in general last month I decided that I would like to feature three of my favourite spring fragrances.

Gorgeous Gardenia has been in possession for a long time now and I miss it quite a lot since using it a few weeks ago. This was a present from my dad for one of my birthday's so it is also quite sentimental to me. Out of all three I would say that it is probably the strongest as I find the other two to be much lighter, that being said I think it is a lovely option for this time of year. 

Top notes: red berries, pear
Heart notes: white gardenia, frangipani flower
Base notes: patchouli, brown sugar accord

A fragrance which is instantly recognizable for its unique design, I find Daisy Eau So Fresh to be equally recognizable in terms of scent. In fact, just yesterday at work one of my colleagues instantly knew what I was wearing; if that doesn't sing the praise of this cult fragrance I don't know what will. Whilst the larger versions of this can be initially quite expensive, I highly recommend snapping them up within the gift sets each year as you can make quite a saving, especially if you can grab one in the sale just a day later. 

Top Notes: ruby red grapefruit, raspberry, green leaves, pear
Heart Notes: violet, wild rose, apple blossom, lychee, jasmine petals
Base Notes: musks, plum, cedarwood

Elie Saab from what I understand has a somewhat limited range of fragrances. To date I have only tried this alongside a quick spritz of Rose Couture one day whilst in Boots. Unlike Daisy which I find to be a typical day perfume, I would happily wear this for not just the day but also for an evening out. It is slightly stronger in scent, although not by much, however in my opinion it is just that bit more sophisticated.

Top notes: Mandarin Blossom
Middle notes: Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Jasmine
Base notes: Vetiver, Rose Honey

In all honesty, this post has been a long time coming as I wasn't very happy with the picture, however due to the fact that the Gucci bottle is probably lying in a local recycling facility somewhere (long since recycled), I thought I might as well use it as I wasn't able to re-take the photograph. 
What are your favourite scents for Spring?

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