30 October 2016

A Moment in Time with Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Watches
It is always exciting to sit down and share with you a new brand on A Little Boat Sailing. Whilst today's brand is not necessarily new, it is indeed the first time in which I have featured anything from it; which of course makes it all the more exciting to sit down and write this post. 

Cath Kidston is a well-known English fashion designer who is recognised for her beautiful floral patterns on both clothing and home furnishings. More recently a truly stunning collection of watches has been launched, whereby the whole range can be exclusively found on the Watch Shop.com. There is a wide selection of watches to choose from, ranging from the traditional leather strap to a more modern bracelet style; they're all utterly beautiful in my opinion and manage to capture the true essence of the Cath Kidston style. 

Cath Kidston Watches

From the newly launched range I have two to share with you today, the first of which being the Cath Kidston Trailing Rose Silver Bracelet Watch*. Out of the two styles in today's post I must admit that this one is my favourite; I have always opted for a slightly more 'chunky' style of watch. There are several styles like this, however I opted for the silver one as I thought it would make a nice change to the abundance of rose gold offerings that flood the market; that being said, if rose gold tickles your fancy then there is also an utterly beautiful watch in that finish.

Cath Kidston Watches The face on this watch is also in my favourite colour which is yet another reason as to why I picked this one over the other styles. It truly is beautiful, it is feminine, light to wear and it goes with everything due to the simple nature of the design. Out of the two it is the least detailed, the design on the face and the delicate branding is the only real giveaway that this belongs to the Cath Kidston brand. Personally I do like this because it is a bit easier to wear, that being said, the second design looks stunning against my leather Pandora bracelet so it all really does depend on how you style each piece. 

Cath Kidston Watches In contrast to this, the Cath Kidston Kingswood Rose Charcoal Watch* is visually much more typical of the floral designs that Cath Kidston is so well known for. Made from genuine leather this is for me more delicate than the first, it is the type of watch that I would not opt to wear every day, saving only for more special occasions due to the nature of the strap.

It goes without saying that this is again a stunning piece of jewellery, in fact, I think that it is a perfect piece for this time of year as the contrast between the dark and light colours used within the design are really quite autumnal, especially against the rose gold plating used on the face of the watch. Out of the two this style is may be perceived as the more feminine due to the more prominent floral design; although I personally adore both styles and will most certainly get a lot of wear out of them both. 

On a whole I have to say that for a brand such as Cath Kidston I was expecting the price point to be higher than it is. For me personally I think that they have been priced extremely well, they're not unobtainable in the slightest and of course prices do vary depending on the style you choose.

If, after reading this you are even more interested in the Cath Kidston Watch range, especially as we head towards Christmas and you're looking for ideas (or just a treat for yourself), then don't forget to head on over to check out the whole range over at the Watch Shop. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


25 October 2016

James Viana Jewellery

James Viana Jewellery
It is no secret that I am a big fan of jewellery, I mean, what woman isn't? 

In the past I have featured a variety of different styles and brands over here on A Little Boat Sailing as I am an advocate for having different styles of jewellery for various occasions, although in my eyes you cannot beat simple and intricate pieces; they are timeless. Therefore, when I was introduced to James Viana Jewellery back in September I was immediately enticed by the jewellery that they have to offer. From simple, elegant designs to the bolder and beautiful, I truly believe they have something to fit all manner of tastes when it comes to choosing your next piece. 
James Viana Jewellery
As we approach the party season it is well worth taking a look at James Viana if you are looking to add a little sparkle to your outfit this year; naturally Christmas and New Year are perfect opportunities to add that little extra to your look. I for one will be wearing the beautiful Smoky Topaz Sterling Silver Earrings* this Christmas which I have been kindly sent from the James Viana team. They are utterly beautiful and are made up of genuine earth mined gemstones, they will look simply gorgeous against a little black dress which is a cult classic in every woman's wardrobe. 

James Viana pride themselves on their Sterling Silver jewellery, in which from all sales made, 10% of the profit goes towards charities which focus on causes for women.

James Viana Jewellery

The team at James Viana have also kindly created a voucher code which will give you 20% off any purchase from now up until the 31st December. It is never easy to pass up on a discount, therefore it is well worth having a look for any Christmas gifts or little treats to yourself. Simply use JVBO20% at the online checkout in order for this to be deducted from your purchase. 

Have you spotted anything you like over on James Viana

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

20 October 2016

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

If you haven't been hiding under a rock then it will not have gone unnoticed that the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set has, over the last year caused quite the stir within the beauty community. It goes without saying that the aesthetic appeal of these brushes has clearly been the main selling point (in my opinion); they truly do look beautiful. They also, incidentally, do happen to make the perfect photography prop for photographs which is why they have heavily featured in nearly all of my recent posts. Sorry, not sorry. 

That being said, visual appeal aside, are they actually worth spending your hard earned cash on? Do they tick the boxes and would you, more importantly, repurchase come the time?

Retailing at £65 for the set. I do realise that this may initially feel as though it is quite an expensive purchase. Having said that, for that neat sum you are receiving a total of eight brushes which makes each brush a much more affordable £8.50; it isn't so bad when you think of it that way as in the past I have happily paid £10 and more for individual Real Techniques and MAC brushes.

This set of brushes is made up of both synthetic fibres (for cream products) and natural hair (for powder products). Naturally this is something to bear in mind if you prefer to use brushes which are solely synthetic. They arrive in a beautiful pouch which is actually surprisingly very sturdy; it could easily be used regularly without showing signs of wear and tear.

Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury Brush Set Review

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush (Synthetic)

This brush is made up of synthetic fibres and it is used for applying foundation. Strictly speaking they do all have a particular use, however I do tend to vary what I use my brushes for on occasion just to shake things up a little bit. Over the past three months I have being using a beauty blender to apply my concealer and foundation, therefore to jump back to a brush for this was a little strange. That being said this brush performed so much better than any other foundation brush that I have used to date. The finish was much cleaner and looked almost airbrushed, it is a great alternative to my beauty blender. 

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush (Synthetic)

Like the previous brush this is again made up of synthetic fibres and is used primarily for applying concealer. It has to be said that I really like this brush for applying concealer around the nose and chin area, however the brush is quite stiff which makes it a little awkward to use under the delicate eye area.

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush (natural)

The first of the natural hair brushes is the Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush which is used for applying blusher. Personally I love the fact that this is an angled brush as it allows you to create that beautiful upwards motion much more easily when applying product. Naturally of course you would not use this for applying cream blush, however for powder it is perfect.

Zoeva 106 Powder Brush (synthetic)

For me powder brushes are pretty standard, I have yet to use one which I have not liked as when it comes to using them I only really ever use them for applying setting powder; I would not use them for applying powder blush for instance due to the difference in colour. This brush is extremely soft, it picks up powder very well and allows even application across the areas I choose. I honestly cannot fault this one, it is a great addition to my brush collection and it incidentally replaces a very old and battered Eco Tools Powder Brush. 

Zoeva  317 Wing Liner Brush (synthetic)

At the time of purchasing the collection I really did need a new angled brush like this as my only one was primarily used for my eye brows, therefore it had become a little irritating as I often wished to use it for applying winged liner and obviously the colours being used were very, very different. I have to say that whilst this will be a nice brush for filling in brows, however I do wish that it was firmer, particularly so that the initial shape can be created with precision. As it stands, I am therefore currently still on the market for a good angled brush. 

Zoeva 231 Petit Crease Brush (natural)

This brush is quite possibly my favourite from the entire set. It is very different to any other brush that I have used in the past due to the shape of it, however I think that this is what makes it stand out so much. The dome shape allows much more precision and also allows me to blend under my water line much easier too.

Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush (natural)

For me this brush is incredibly similar to the popular 217 from MAC. As I do own that brush already I do find that they compare very well indeed, in fact, so much so that I do not feel the need to re-purchase my MAC 217 (which is looking a bit worse for wear these days). It blends eye shadow beautifully and effortlessly and picks up product very well indeed; again this is a fantastic brush from Zoeva.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush (synthetic) 

Generally speaking, this is used for shaping the face, clearly as the name would suggest, however I did struggle with this one. The reason for that is because it wasn't as domed shaped as I would normally like. For instance, the Charlotte Tilbury contour brush is perfect for creating a beautiful hollow within the cheeks. This is probably the only brush out of the whole set which I would not miss, however the set in its entirety is worth it in my opinion.

Overall I have to say that I have on a whole been very impressed with my first experience with make up brushes from Zoeva. In the past I have been very reluctant to try a new brush as I do often stick to my favourites which I know perform well, that been said, it has been really nice to explore what a new brand has to offer. I will definitely be looking towards Zoeva next time I am in the market for some new brushes.

Have you tried Zoeva?


11 October 2016

A New Look - Galvani

A Little Boat Sailing

The last week has been an extremely busy one for me, what with uni, work and finally getting out and tackling a 5k run I have been somewhat distracted from my little space on the internet. Luckily for me I have some long overdue holiday very soon, therefore I can't wait to get stuck back into my blog once more. 

Today's post is just a super quick one to acknowledge the awesome new template I purchased from Pipdig a few weeks ago. The Galvani template is much more user friendly and looks incredibly neat and professional in my opinion. There are of course a few tweaks I would like to make, I am most certainly looking into changing my header, however for now I am pretty happy with the way things are looking over here. 

The home page offers much more to the reader and of course the categories option (once I have finished setting it up) should hopefully allow readers to browse my blog easier. 

Let me know what you think of the new design and of course head on over to Pipdig to check out the templates they have to offer. 


4 October 2016

The Bookshelf #2

The Bookshelf 

Back in April I posted my very first blog post within this series, where sadly it has taken me five whole months to get around to posting the second instalment. Oops.

Whilst I used to be literally be the definition of a book worm, I have most certainly fell off that in recent years. It is not that I don't want to read, I just for some reason push it down my priority list which is a shame as I used to enjoy it immensely; although I still do when I find a gripping tale to get stuck into. To be honest with you next year I have already decided that I will be making one of my resolutions to quite simply read more; I will be making a conscious effort to tackle the books that have being sitting on my bookshelf for far too long. 

The two most recent reads for me since The Bookshelf #1 have been very different, one being a complete fiction whereas the other being the type of book that I haven't read since I was at school; that being a play. 

Nicola Yoon - Everything Everything 

Reading this was initially based upon an impulse decision as I happened to see it lying on my sisters bed after she had come home one evening. Naturally, like all books with a decent cover I found myself picking it up and having a quick flick through. Half an hour later I'm thirty pages in and delving into the life of Madeline Whittier and embracing her journey with her illness. I will be honest in that from the point of a 27 year old, ahem, 20 year old, I did think that overall it was a book aimed at a much younger audience than myself. That being said I still enjoyed it, albeit it being a rather easy read and a little far-fetched in places. 

J K Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany - Harry Potter and The Cursed Child 

Yes, this book was not just written by just J K Rowling alone, although deep down I so wish that it had been. The news of the launch of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was incredibly exciting for me and of course millions of fans across the world. From an age old fan at the age of 11 to my somewhat older age now, I found myself so incredibly intrigued as to what this new addition would bring to my vision of Hogwarts and indeed the Harry Potter story. 

Whilst reading this format was initially a challenge, I soon managed to look past the script and style of the book and was rapidly drawn back into the wizarding world that I had fallen in love with all those years ago. The Cursed Child for me was extremely different to the story I had known previously, although of course it was bound to be, however I was left feeling a little deflated about the experience once I had finished it. It is hard to pin point exactly what I didn't like about the book, because I also felt very happy that once again I had experienced a further dose of Harry Potter. I do however think that ultimately it wasn't my Harry Potter, it wasn't the Harry Potter I had grown up with; it was different and I didn't like the change. 

That being said I am still super glad that I read this book. It was fantastic to read another take on the story and to be part of something which J K Rowling worked on, regardless if the fact that it wasn't what I had expected.  

When it comes to writing these posts I never like to delve too much into a book, mainly because I am not one for spoiling the plot for others.  Ultimately I just like to share with you the latest books that I have read, it is also a nice opportunity to discover perhaps some new reads from you in the comments below, therefore do let me know if you have any recommendations.

What have you read recently?

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