15 November 2016

Beauty on Trial: bareMinerals

Beauty on Trial bareMinerals Ever since I purchased the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream (let's call it a foundation for all intents and purposes) earlier this year, I have been extremely keen to try out a few more products from the brand. In the past I will admit that bareMinerals had always been a counter that I would look at but never really stop at properly to find out more about what they had to offer; this is something I really regret having now used and loved several of their products. 

bareMinerals is a brand which is widely known for mineral make up, again this is something that I am not well accustomed with although I really do intend to experiment more with it in 2017. More recently however the brand has expanded and has launched a brand new skincare line and of course liquid based foundations. Whilst in the past I have used two of their liquid bases and adored them I was somewhat apprehensive about using the Bare Pro Foundation* as it was a compact and completely took me out of my comfort zone.

Beauty on Trial bareMinerals

bareMinerals Bare Pro Foundation*

This lightweight foundation is said to provide 12 hours of 'glam' coverage whilst being formulated with 90% vitamins and minerals. In my experience I found the coverage to not last twelve hours (this is my typical working day), in fact by around midday I noticed that coverage was looking pretty light indeed which wasn't ideal, particularly when I had another six hours to go. For me the coverage of this is extremely light, in fact it is too light for my every day needs; in fact, I have used it as somewhat of a setting powder on top of another base.

Despite this I would say that it is to date one of the lightest foundations to actually use, you cannot feel this on your skin at all which is good for those who have sensitive skin and who can easily feel irritated by heavy base products. Overall I would personally look towards this if you have good skin, if you wish to hide blemishes or pigmentation then really you do want to be looking elsewhere. In a nut shell I will be putting this away until the warmer weather, my skin is generally better in the summer and due to the warmer climate a light base will be warranted.

Stroke of Light Eye Brightener* 

Moving onto much more positive things, the Stroke of Light Eye Brightener is pretty darn good. First and foremost, like all bareMineral products I have tried it is extremely light in terms of formula. It blends beautifully and does a really great job at brightening my under eye area. I would point out that I do not use this alone, this is the last step in my effort to hide my dark circles each morning. Generally speaking, I use my foundation of choice, a bit of concealer and then this on top as I find that works best for me. It is salmon toned which helps to counteract against the blue tone that you get with dark circles. Quite simply I have failed to find anything to fault about this product, although the shade range could be much better. Despite this I can see why it is one of the brands best sellers; I would happily purchase this for myself come the time.

Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser* 

It isn't very often that I try something out and instantly bring it in to my skincare routine as a permanent fixture, yet here I am announcing that this is an example of just that. The Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser is an utterly beautiful product which really does leave my skin feeling super soft and clean without a tight stripping feeling that so often many cleansers can leave you with.

This is a Brazilian Red Clay cleanser with an incredibly soft texture; there are no gritty bits in this whatsoever. To use you simply apply this to dry skin and then with damp fingers gently work it into your skin; upon reaction with the water the clay transforms into a milky consistency which creates a slip in order to enable you to cleanse your skin with ease. I would say that this has helped to clear up my complexion, with regular use about three times a week I have noticed a visible difference. That being said I have read quite a few mixed opinions about this online, where of course I can only speak about my personal experience having used this for the last few months.

bareMinerals products can be found in Debenhams, Selfridges and online at Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


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