29 August 2016

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Scrub Love Mint Temptation Scrub Love Mint Temptation

I will admit, I am not a coffee drinker; it just does not sit well with me. That being said, when I first heard of coffee scrubs I was somewhat intrigued. If I am honest, I have always loved the smell of coffee; drinking it however is a different matter entirely. So what better way to get a cheeky coffee fix without having to drink the stuff than to have it incorporated into your skincare routine...hear me out on this one.

Scrub Love is an organic, fair trade brand with ethically sourced coffee scrubs which are made right here in the UK. The scrubs are all natural and made up of various oils, salts and of course roasted ground coffee. There are currently three options at the moment, although it would be great to see the range expand further. In order to experience the delights of Scrub Love, I was kindly provided with the Mint Temptation* option in order to road test the brand which was super exciting; I love a good body scrub! 

Upon opening Mint Temptation, I was hit with a very strong scent of coffee and peppermint. This was not off putting at all; I simply adore mint scents so this was an instant hit with me. Considering that I had just got back from a run this was ideal, a nice refreshing scrub was just what the Doctor had ordered. The scrub itself is easy to use, you simply take a small amount (a little does go quite far) and rub in circular motions onto your skin. You can leave it on for five minutes whilst you wash your hair, or simply wash it off once you're done. I would suspect the Coconut Affair Scrub is the most beneficial for the hydrating element due to the coconut oil being present.

Naturally there was quite a mess to be cleared up after I had used this, there was coffee everywhere in my shower! That being said, I am already looking forward to using it again as my skin felt super soft and was left feeling incredibly tingly long after I had finished my shower; this must have been down to the peppermint oil.

Scrub Love can be purchased over on their website for £12.95 for 200ml. Personally I do think this is a rather luxurious treat because it is a shower product, therefore it won't be on your skin for that long. For me it is more expensive than I originally anticipated it being, that being said it is really nice to see a natural, organic brand so sometimes paying more for something such as this can be justified. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


27 August 2016

MAC Twig Lipstick

MAC Twig Lipstick ReviewMAC Twig Lipstick Review MAC Twig Lipstick Review

MAC Twig was a shade that I had heard and read a lot about last year due to a certain Miss Jenner, however it wasn't until late this August when I finally decided to add it to my collection. MAC lipsticks are one of my favourite beauty products to buy. Even to this day, over four years down the line since I first purchased my very own, I still find it fun and exciting to pop in to store and select a new shade.

All of MAC's lipsticks fall into a specific finish and category, which if you're a MAC veteran you will know by now, however for those that are new to MAC, Twig falls into what is known as a 'Satin' finish. This essentially means that the pigmentation is high, they are more moisturising than lipsticks within the matte range's and that they are generally much easier to apply due to this. Having tried both the matte and satin finishes from MAC I would most certainly agree with this consensus. 

MAC Twig in the bullet looks to me to be a rosier brown tone than it does when it is applied. That being said, it still does have a rose tone to it, I just think it leans towards the warmer end of the spectrum, even, dare I say it hinting towards a red/brown tone although not quite getting there. Perhaps that's just my eyes as I sit down to write this post at 12:30 am, however I do think it is warmer on the lips as opposed to in the bullet. 

Like all satin finishes in my experience this lasts a couple of hours before any re-touches are needed. I personally think that this is generally good going as I rarely find any lipsticks which survive more than a few hours on me anyway. 

The one thing I would advise when searching for swatches of this online is that it is often very easily compared to the lipstick shade in Mehr which I have to say looks absolutely stunning; so much so that it is the next one on my list. That being said, be wary of this as they are very different in my opinion as Mehr from what I can see has somewhat of a berry plum tone to it, which incidentally will be awesome for this coming autumn. 

At £15.50 MAC lipsticks are not the most affordable product going, however they make a nice treat come pay day at the end of the month. 

Have you tried MAC Twig? 


23 August 2016

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks Review
Whilst I was browsing the aisles of Boots a few weeks ago I happened to stumble across a promotional stand with a selection of new clay masks from L'Oreal. Having been rather out of the blogging loop for a while, these were brand new to me. I had never seen them before or read about them online. In the moment of course I popped two of the three in my basket and went on my merry way. I didn't really consider how good they would be, in fact I had no knowledge of them at all and no blogger reviews to back up any opinion. Therefore, for what felt like the longest time, I purchased a beauty product on a complete whim.

There are currently three masks available from the new L'Oreal Pure Clay range. Each one targets a different type of skin concern, however in all honesty, I found myself a little bit confused as to the major difference between the two here other than the obvious being the colour as I feel as though they aim to do the same job, only one I think does it better than the other.

All three masks are based around the same three clay's, those being Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. Koalin is a clay which I have heard of before, it is a highly effective natural clay which is known to absorb impurities and excess sebum. The second one however was new to me. Montmorillonite is rich in minerals; it is a clay which is recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections. The last clay is known as Ghassoul, which again is a new to me. This is a pure clay which is highly concentrated in minerals which are renowned for helping to clarify the complexion.
L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks Review

Pure Clay Purity Mask 

First and foremost, I love the packaging of these masks in general. I like the fact that they are in a heavy, transparent jar so that I can see the colour of the product inside. Unlike masks in a tube, I won't have any trouble getting to the end of the product as it is easy to access, the only down side is that obviously this type of packaging is not the most hygienic; although simply keeping your hands clean works wonders. 

Out of the two masks I purchased, this is the one that I think isn't as good as the other, that being said it is still a good mask. This happens to be the one which I tried first and at the time I thought wow, this is good! My skin instantly looked clearer and brighter, there is no denying that this works. The product is easy to wash off too which is good and it has not led to my skin feeling tight or dry in any way. The texture is relatively thick and creamy, it is also smooth and not gritty which is quite nice as I know some clay based masks can have a gritty texture to them.

Pure Clay Detox Mask 

For me personally, this is the mask that I will turn to if I had to choose between the two. Given my skin type, which for review purposes is combination to oily, I find that this works much better for me in comparison to the former. Aside from the set three clay's, this mask contains black charcoal which acts like a bit of a magnet so to speak to draw out impurities, aka, those pesky black heads. Now, I will not go as to far to say that this is a miracle worker, however it does offer a very quick fix at clearing up your complexion within minutes of using it. 

The only time I have experienced anything similar happens to be when I first used GlamGlow, which we all know is quite a bit more expensive. Similarly, to GlamGlow, I find the results are not long lasting, therefore I find that it is a product which I have to keep on using. That being said, a clay mask is more often than not featured within my weekly routine anyway, therefore this is no issue for me. 

Again like the purity mask I have found this to leave my skin feeling brighter and looking much clearer. The only down side to this particular mask is that due to the very dark colour of it, when it comes to washing it off it can be a bit messy. A flannel is advised, although perhaps not a white one. 

Overall I have to say that I have been super impressed with both of these masks, although the detox one for me does pip the purity version to the post. Having now tried both of these and enjoyed the experience, I am incredibly keen to pick up the Glow mask in order to see how that performs.

Have you tried any of the new masks from L'Oreal?


21 August 2016

My Invisalign Journey | Tray 12-16

My Invisalign Journey 
It had been a lot longer than I had first thought since I had posted an update on my current progress with Invisalign. Therefore, it was high time that I popped up with an up to date report as to how I am getting on. 

As I sit and type this I have just started tray 20 (meaning I am a little bit behind with these updates). However, I will be back with another post in a few weeks to cover trays 16-20. I personally do think that I may need a few more aligners, as there still appears to be a bit of work to be done, although I will have to see what my Orthodontist thinks at my next appointment. That being said, here is a bit of an overview over the last few months. 

  My Invisalign Journey

In all honesty, there is very little I can comment on as the process is the same each day for me. I wear my Invisalign each night, take it out of a morning, have breakfast (sometimes) and then pop it back in until lunch. In terms of dental appointments, I really do not have that many as there has been little need, other than for a check-up in order to see how I am doing, and of course to carry out any reduction that may need to be done.

On the last appointment I had to be honest with my Orthodontist and say that I had not being wearing it as much as I should have been over the two weeks of tray 16, which is why we then jointly decided that I should wear that specific tray for a further week. To be honest I had no real reason as to why I had not been, I think life had been extremely busy that week and I had forgotten to wear it to work for a few days which somehow spiralled into me not wearing it much at all. 

Invisalign is a big commitment, there is no denying it. I am however back on the wagon with it so to speak and once again feel as though improvements are being made. It is however a slow process, in fact in a few month's time I would have being undergoing the treatment for a year so in a way it has flown by and then on the other hand it has seemed to take a really long time.

My Invisalign Journey

That being said, I am super grateful that I can run through this progress with you. It will feel amazing to finally have the little attachments removed and to see a nice straight smile, although I do feel as though I am a few months away from this at the moment.

Have you thought about Invisalign? Let me know if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I was given the opportunity to enter a competition to win Invisalign back in February 2015 where I am delighted to say that I won. Throughout the course of my treatment I will be writing about my journey as part of the rules of the competition. My treatment is free, courtesy of Oasis Dental Care however my opinions and my shared experience of my Invisalign journey will all be that of my own.


20 August 2016

On Losing A Friend

On Losing A Friend

I have never been a religious person, at least not in the respect of attending church and following traditional views. However, there have been several occasions in my life where I have found myself saying a silent prayer to 'God', whoever he or she is. Of course that would suggest that God is indeed a person, in which the notion is of course impossible (to me), although that is a whole different type of blog post entirely; one of which I am not willing to get into any time soon. 

That being said, in times of crisis, sadness or even loneliness, I have often made a silent wish to God for it to somehow work out, for things to simply be better. I am probably not alone in this respect; I am sure many of us do this at those times in our life; we just don't speak about it. For me though, I feel as though I wanted to write about something incredibly close to my heart, something which I have experienced on more than one occasion. Today I wanted to touch upon the subject of losing a friend, or, in my case friends. I am not merely talking about friendships that grow apart, unfortunately I am referring to friends who have sadly been taken away from us too soon. 

My three friends were incredible, they were beautiful, fun loving and full of life. To me they still are incredible in every single way, as despite them not being here anymore my memories of them continue to live on. A simple song will make me think of them, The Scientist by Coldplay is a song I will always associate with one person and one person only. A memory of high school graphics class and end of year photos of us makes me both happy and incredibly sad, and of course there was university ecology class which was always a bit of a laugh. 

Losing anybody in your life is incredibly difficult, it takes time, grieving and many tears and of course laughter too, as despite the sadness there will always be good memories to get you through. In all three circumstances my friends have been taken away very suddenly, they were all incredibly young and they had their whole lives ahead of them. They would have been awesome, simply awesome. 

It is hard to put into words what I truly wanted to say within this post. I had a plan in my head before I sat down to write it and yet when it came to it I found it more difficult than I had imagined. Despite the rawness of this no longer being present, it still makes me feel incredibly sad to think about it. One of my friends would have turned 28 two weeks ago, and yet I can still remember him chasing his dog up the street and us playing kerby of an evening out on the path as if it was yesterday. Do kids these days even play kerby? I miss you C. 

A class joker, yet one of the nicest kids I had ever known, gosh he used to make us all laugh. I miss that big grin and the banter that came with it. School was truly a blast with you as a friend, especially Graphics class. I miss you L.

Then there is the beautiful lady on both the inside and out, your smile was infectious and your friendship worth more than you know. I miss you V. 

The circumstances in which my friends were taken will never be easy to accept. I miss them dearly and would give anything to have one more day with each of them, to have just one more game of kerby, which by the way I would probably lose as he always beat me, however I'd be happy to let him this time around. I would want to talk and ask why? 

I guess this brings me to the somewhat cliche notion of always telling people how you feel. I am a firm believer in this, because I know people can be taken away from you without warning. I think this is partly why I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, loss is a powerful thing and can often make you more protective of those who mean the most to you. Make sure you never say goodbye on a bad word and always be kind to others because trust me, you never know how they are feeling inside. Us human beings can be masters at hiding our true feelings when we want to be. If you have good friends then look after them, they are not easy to come by. Furthermore, and most importantly, if you love someone tell them, no matter what the consequence.


13 August 2016

July Beauty Favourites

Beauty Favourites
Well, I guess this post is better late than never right? It would appear as though I missed last month's favourites alongside a whole heap of other blog posts; let's just call it a bit of a whirlwind of a month. Today, however I am back with my July Beauty Favourites. It has been lovely to sit down and write a blog post and edit photographs again, here is hoping I can get back on track and publish a bit more regularly again. 

Last month, and indeed the month before I pretty much stuck to the beauty products I know and love. Heading out to work so early often leaves you very little time to experiment, therefore you come to rely upon certain products to give you the best results. One such product in my opinion is that of the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. 

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

When I first saw this cropping up I was super excited. The promise of a hydrating, light weight liquid based formula with added SPF, all from a brand which is well known for their mineral based make up...I was sold. Light weight products are super important for me as I don't like my skin to feel heavy with makeup, therefore I was incredibly keen to give this a go. Since I purchased this it has been pretty much my go to base product, although it did initially take a bit of getting used to as I am not a fan of blending this with a brush. Yes, the formula is not as light as I initially thought it would be, in fact it is more like a gel, however it does blend out beautifully (with a sponge applicator) leaving the skin looking fresh and dewy. Due to the fact that I like to use an exfoliating toner, it gives me added reassurance that I am using an SPF within my routine as this step can be so often easily missed. 

No7 Early Defence Day Cream

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Dextox Mask

This purchase was a complete impulse buy a few weeks ago whilst waiting for a prescription in Boots. They were three new masks from L'Oreal all which were on offer at £5, full retail being just £7.99. Of course being somewhat of a sucker for a new skincare product I quickly popped two of them in my basket; I opted for the detox and purifying options. Having tried both I can quite firmly say that my favourite of the two is the detox mask which I have to say for me is the best budget clay mask that I have tried in a very long time. To me it has a slightly similar affect to that of GlamGlow which is of course triple the price. This isn't as good as GlamGlow don't get me wrong, however, for the price I personally find this very hard to beat. 

L'Oreal Detox Mask

No7 Early Defence Day Cream 

Having previously used the No7 Beautiful Skin Day and Night Cream and loved them both equally, I was incredibly curious to see what their most recent launch was like. The No7 Early Defence Day Cream is a light weight day time moisturiser which aims to help skin to remain looking younger for longer. As to whether that is working, I honestly cannot tell, however what I can tell you is that this moisturiser is keeping my skin hydrated all whilst keeping my oily skin at bay. Make up seems to sit very well on top of this which is always a bonus, although a primer will always help with any issues there. Like nearly all, if not all of No7 moisturisers this contains SPF 15 and 5*UVA technology meaning that you are protected from the ageing effects from the sun.

Benefit Roller Lash Review

Benefit Roller Lash

For a very long time I have been a huge fan of the Benefit They're Real Mascara, in fact, even now it is still one of my favourite mascaras to use. That being said, I have being reaching for Benefit Roller Lash more recently, not least because I am more than aware that it is strictly past its three month shelf life (we will keep that between me and you). When I first started using this I will admit to thinking that it was just 'ok', however now that it has dried out a little bit more I find it so much easier to use. It makes my lashes look a lot longer than they are, all whilst adding a nice curl to them and definition. Yes, it is expensive for a mascara as I do personally think that the high street offers some fantastic products for less than £10, however if mascara is your thing then this is one well worth checking out.

Album of the Month 

This is a new feature I wished to add into the mix as I simply adore music. I am a bit late to the game with this one, as despite listening to Bastille for ages on the likes of Spotify, I didn't actually own the album. It goes without saying that since I picked this up from HMV a few weeks ago, I have been listening to it none stop; it makes a great running album too! My favourite tracks so far are Bad Blood, Oblivion and Daniel in the Den. 

What are you currently listening to?

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2 August 2016

Bird Set Free - Ray Ban Clubmasters

Ray Ban Clubmasters
Summer really does seem to be in somewhat of short supply this year. Although, when is it any different here in the UK? As we head into August, we have technically just one more month (and a bit) of summer left, therefore let's make the most of it come rain or sunshine. 

For the most part this month I'll be working like a little trooper, however I do have a nice weekend planned in London at the end of the month which I am super excited about. If you have any recommendations of places to eat or things to do then hit me up; I haven't been to London in years!

If the sunshine holds out come that weekend then I will most definitely be packing my Ray Ban Clubmasters* which I have being loving lately. For a long time I was slightly sceptical of this frame, especially in comparison to the much loved Wayfarer frame. Having said that, I really do prefer this frame in contrast to the Wayfarer as I think it suits my face shape much better. I think the main reason for that is because the frame itself is much smaller, I also think the added element of the gold detail adds a little something extra to the style of these which for me makes them that extra bit special.

Ray Ban Clubmasters

Naturally these types of frames go with almost any outfit, therefore all we need is for that sunshine to pop out for more than half an hour. Failing that, if you have had a heavy night the following morning then simply pop on your favourite pair to hide the pain within and the bright lights; tried and tested.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses are available from The Sunglasses Shop.

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