6 August 2017

Rimmel Summer Fun | Ready for Radiance

Rimmel Ready for Radiance Collection

Rimmel has to be one of my favourite high street brands, they are consistent in launching new lines on a regular basis and the products are widely available in a number of stores and supermarkets. With summer in full flow, they have recently launched their Ready For Radiance Collection which features a variety of products all aimed to help to achieve that sun kissed glow.


31 July 2017

Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Six years ago I would never have considered wearing a highlighter. In fact, if I am completely honest with you, six years ago I didn't even know what a highlighter was in a make-up context, aside from the obvious fluorescent pink and yellow pens I used at university. 

17 July 2017

Rimmel London Insta Collection #Instaselfie

Rimmel London Insta Collection

The Rimmel London Insta Collection* landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, however I have waited until the initial rush of blog posts have dropped off in order to share with you my thoughts on the collection. In my opinion it is a rather large collection for a high-street brand with quite a few different products to offer; some of the products are hits whilst others I have found are somewhat misses. 

10 July 2017

Tropic Skincare | An Introduction

Tropic Skincare
It is rather exciting to have the opportunity to try a new brand, although perhaps that is just the skincare junkie in me. Most people I know would look at me with a somewhat sceptical raised brow if I were to voice that out loud. However, we are all here because we have one thing in common, we all love beauty.


1 July 2017

I remember When...The Blogging Edition


Back in 2012 A Little Boat Sailing was born. One evening after work I sat down and opened up Blogger,  five years later I am still here, writing and taking pictures. In that time the whole concept has changed. What was once a side line hobby to just put up a new post sharing my random thoughts on beauty products at that time has now become something which I really have to sit down and think about. This involves planning what I want to say, social media promotion, declarations (if needed) and responding to emails. That's long before I even start the editing process in an attempt to keep my photos looking picture perfect; I have yet to achieve this. 

28 June 2017

My Current Beauty Top Picks #1

My Current Beauty Top Picks #1

So, it has been a bit of a funny week so far within the beauty community, at least that is if my twitter feed is anything to go by. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to get back to basics and share with you my current beauty top picks! Back in the good old days I used to do beauty favourites each month, yet if I am completely honest, it started to feel somewhat forced. It was a struggle to find new things to share each month as so often I would be using the same old thing and that same brand of dry shampoo.

19 June 2017

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Style Bohemian Style

Let's just say that this weekend in terms of weather has been utterly gorgeous in the UK. In fact, I cannot remember when we last had nice weather like this. Summer often feels pretty much none existent, therefore when it strikes in full force one must make the most of it. It would be rude not to right? 

This weekend I have mostly spent my time being back and forth between the outdoors and the refuge of shade; it has been of course Father's day and I have most certainly picked up my father's trait of not being able to handle the heat for too long. Luckily for me I have had a huge fan placed strategically next to my desk whilst I have being preparing a few blog posts here and there, however my car journey to meet my partner for food was somewhat of a struggle due to the fact that I do not have the luxury of air con. *Note to self that when I get a new car (in about five year's time), I will be looking for that feature first. 

Bohemian Style Bohemian Style Bohemian Style

              Dress c/o She In,   Shoes - ASOS (old)

The nice weather tied in beautifully with my attempt to show off this dress from She In as it really is a beautiful item of clothing. The Lantern Sleeve Floral Print Shift Dress* (also currently on sale) has been pretty popular from what I can see. At first I was not aware of this, however it instantly appealed to me due to the boho style which, if I am honest I adore and would love to integrate more into my every day wardrobe. 

Dark floral patterns are my favourite, which again is another reason why I like this particular piece so much. The only gripe I do have with this item is that it is ridiculously oversized. Now, I know that is the general gist, however this really is very, very big. For reference, I am a size 10/12 depending on where I shop and the type of item I am buying. That being said, I opted for the size small in this which as you can see, there is still plenty of room to be had. 

To make this a bit more flattering you can easily wear a little belt to show your waist line if you prefer. I would also make a point of saying that if you do add a little belt then be prepared for the dress to become incredibly short...

Despite the above, I actually do adore this piece and find myself itching to wear it out in public. It is most definitely out of my comfort zone, however my Nan loved it this morning so that's a start, right?!

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


10 June 2017

Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes

Rimmel Super Gel Nail PolishesNail polishes are often one of the first things you experiment with as a young girl growing up, they're often one of the first makeup type products you ever own. Within a few months (mum and dad permitting) you have amassed a collection that is full of insanely bright colours and more glitter than you can shake a stick at. Fast forward twenty odd years later, I still have a box full of nail polishes with a variety of shades and glitter; clearly not much has changed.

5 June 2017

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

Kiko Summer 2.0 Collection

There are some fantastic mid range brands available these days, one such is Kiko. I remember first stumbling across Kiko back in 2015 with the launch of their Modern Tribes Collection which, if I am honest, completely blew me away in terms of the packaging and how it was presented. After that initial experience, it has been a brand which has remained in my mind and it is a store which I always pop into when I am in Birmingham.


1 June 2017

Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Collection and Giveaway

Too Faced X Kat Von D Better Together Collection

Too Faced are by now well known for their soft feminine designs filled with light pinks and pastels, therefore, when I first saw the press images for the new Too Faced X Kat Von D collaboration I was immediately interested. As a brand on its own I love Too Faced, to see them do something a bit more edgy but also keep in touch with their authenticity was exciting.


30 May 2017

Recently Recycled #11

Beauty Empties

My last beauty empties post seems a long time ago, it also feels like I have been collecting this stash of beauty products in my bedroom for far too long therefore it feels good to finally share them with you and finally recycle them this week. 

26 May 2017

My Evening Skincare Routine

My Evening Skincare Routine

Back in March I shared with you my Morning Skincare routine in which at the same time I also photographed all of my evening skincare products too! Typical of me however, I only got around to editing them this week whilst taking a break in between revision. There really is only so much one can do when it comes to reading about the validity of a will...

My evening skincare routine generally consists of a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum/oil and an eye cream. Sometimes I will opt for a moisturiser on top, however that all depends on which facial oil I have used; more on that in a minute. 

I often like to mix things up in my routine, although at the same time I tend to stick to what I know and only really incorporate one new product in at a time. That way, I will know what the culprit is if I have an adverse reaction. 

My Evening Skincare Routine

Makeup Remover

The Garnier Micellar Water is my go to for removing my eye makeup, in fact I am so incredibly biased towards this that I never ever look at alternatives now. That may sound a little bit odd considering I am a beauty blogger who loves nothing more than trying new products, yet honestly, this just works and is insanely affordable (when on offer, although at full price it isn't bad at all). You can find this in Boots, Superdrug and even your local supermarket which is just one thing I love about this little gem. To date I haven't yet found any form of eye makeup which it struggles to remove and it also works very nicely along my rather sensitive eyes. It will continue to be a long-term purchase.


A double cleanse is what I tend to do every single day of the week, that is because I wear make up every single day of the week. It isn't necessary if you don't have a face full of makeup as there isn't that extra layer which you need to break down. Balm cleansers are one of the best for breaking down makeup on the skin, therefore I tend to use a balm cleanser after using a micellar water on my eyes. The Pixi Cleansing Balm* is simple yet effective and is one that I would recommend if you are looking for a cleanser such as this. Worthy mentions also go out to the Elemis Cleansing Balm* which I do prefer in comparison to the offering from Pixi as it is so incredibly smooth. 

Once I have used a balm cleanser I then opt to use something which is more cream or gel based. At the moment, I am coming towards the end of yet another Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, this time in the form of their limited edition scent Rose and Lavender. In all honesty, I do like the odd change to the classic hot cloth cleanser yet in my opinion you cannot beat the original. This was nice but I am happy to be coming to the end of the bottle now. 


The Pixi Glow Tonic* is incredibly popular within the beauty community and rightly so. This is an exfoliating toner which is gentle on the skin and can be used both morning and evening, however I only tend to use this about three times a week as part of my evening routine. I also like the Liz Earle Skin Boost Tonic, this is light and refreshing which is just what I need after the warm weather we have had this week. 


Over the last few years I have been extremely loyal to the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is a light weight oil which hydrates the skin beautifully without leaving it feel too greasy, however, as we hit the warmer weather I do only tend to use this a few times a week and I also avoid putting a moisturiser on top as I feel as though that can be a bit too much for my skin. 

Furthermore, what I have incorporated into my routine within the last four months is the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil which has received a lot of hype in the last year. Unfortunately, this is not an affordable product by any stretch of the imagination, you're looking at £80 for the full size. It pains me somewhat to say that at the moment I am on the fence with this one, although I may not be using it regularly enough to reap the benefits. Essentially it is a blue (yes blue) retinoid oil which reduces pore size, improves the skins appearance and helps to fight against wrinkles; I personally can't see much of an improvement but I am consciously trying to use it more regularly. 

Eye Cream 

The trusty Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is once again being featured; I simply cannot get enough of this stuff. For those who haven't read my blog before, this is probably my all-time favourite beauty product. It is hydrating, affordable in terms of how much you get and how long it lasts you and it works perfectly underneath make up. This does not target dark circles, especially not the 10p size bags I have under my eyes however what it does do is to really help with dehydration which I tend to suffer from around my eyes quite a bit. 


The Origins Night-A-Mins was once upon a time all over the beauty community, yet these days I rarely hear about it anymore. To this day this is still one of my go to products, it is a really hydrating night cream which also has a lovely scent to boot. During the warm nights I do avoid using this as it can just be a bit too heavy, yet on a normal ordinary night I have no problems with this at all and wake up with hydrated and refreshed looking skin. You can't go too wrong with this one. 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


22 May 2017

PÜR Vanity Palette Eyes and Cheek Palette

PÜR Vanity Palette Eyes and Cheek Palette

Despite having now being writing about beauty for the last five years, I still find it exciting to discover a new brand and to have the opportunity to try some of their products. Let me introduce to you PÜR The Complexion Authority, a new brand consisting of mineral make up and their own skincare line. 

15 May 2017

Life is awesome, I confess

Chloe Drew Dupe

Is it just me that thinks the weekend is over in the blink of an eye? Before you know it Monday has rolled around again, the alarm clock is sat beeping away and all you want to do is snooze for another half an hour. That'll no doubt be me tomorrow morning once I have finally written this blog post...


13 May 2017

It's the little things

It's the little things
Lately I have been really struggling with balancing my time. My life is so incredibly busy, hence why my blog posts have been so irregular these days. It is something which frustrates me because I still love this space so much and I have so much that I want to write about. Gone are the days when you can just publish a blog post in five minutes, the quality is SO good out there now that I feel under pressure to create beautiful photographs that often take a lot of time and preparation (at least for me); it requires time which I rarely have these days. 


5 May 2017

You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It | Trespass

You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It

Last summer was the first time in a rather long time in which I was actively including a fitness regime into my schedule. I found myself getting into running, which although I will admit to finding it super difficult at first I soon found myself looking forward to putting in my headphones and heading off out on an evening run after work. In October, I even managed to complete a 5k charity run, which may not sound like a great deal but to me it was a huge achievement. 

29 April 2017

Recent Beauty Purchases #8

Recent Beauty Purchases #8

It has felt like a very long time since I made a couple of beauty purchases. In all honesty some of the products featured today are repurchases that I have made over the last few years, simply because the products are that good. There are however a couple of new introductions which I am currently road testing, it's nice to try something new as I have been on a bit of a beauty budget for what feels like a super long time. 

22 April 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip

Last year I felt really out of the blogging loop as there were so many brands arriving in the UK that had been unreachable unless you spent a small fortune on the online Sephora shop.


17 April 2017

Givenchy Live Irrésistible

Givenchy Live Irrésistible 
Back in 2003 I first tried what would become one of my all-time favourite fragrances, Givenchy Very Irresistible. At the time, I would have been around 15 as I received it as a birthday present that year after having tried it for myself in store. Ever since then, I have purchased more than one bottle and still even now look upon it with fond memories.  

15 April 2017

Back in Black

Black Large Across Body Bag

Ten points for those who get the song reference. 

For the last few months I have been on a hunt for a new black bag for everyday use. Mixed together with the fact that my budget was quite small and that I am the most indecisive and picky person ever when it comes to accessories meant that it was a recipe for disaster; it was always going to take a while to find something I liked. 


13 April 2017

Wanderlust | Places I Want To Visit

Wanderlust  Places I Want To Visit

 * Sponsored Post*

Travelling has for me always seemed a little bit daunting. I think this often stems from the fact that whilst growing up I had very little opportunity to travel, therefore, when the occasion arises these days I am often left feeling a little apprehensive, however also rather excited. Back in December I visited Budapest in Hungary, in February I ventured into the Cotswolds which only highlighted to me just how beautiful the UK is and more recently I spent four days in Marrakesh which was fantastic!

11 April 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

My first experience with Too Faced in July last year was incredibly positive, therefore, it goes without saying that I was incredibly excited when I arrived home from work one evening to find several products from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection* on my doorstep.


5 April 2017

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Jewellery Collection
The last time I sat down and shared with you some of my favourite items of jewellery was back in  my Jewellery Collection post in April 2014, therefore almost three years to the day I am sitting down and letting you delve into my jewellery box once again. 

3 April 2017

Wanderlust | Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

In December last year I hopped on a plane for what must have been the first time in over eight years (maybe more). To say that I was a little nervous would be somewhat of an understatement. I had forgotten what it had felt like to sit back in your chair, strapped in and bags safety tucked away in the compartments above your head. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel the plane slowly come to a halt at the head of the runway and to then suddenly burst into a force of energy which pushes you back into your seat. I had forgotten that rather strange sinking feeling in your belly as you take off and then leave the ground; that is something which I feel I will never quite get used to.


23 March 2017

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

When I hit my early twenties my taste in fashion, jewellery and of course make up changed drastically. Gone were the days of heavy liner, slogan t-shirts that made no sense and a million and one multi-coloured bracelets up one arm. Generally speaking I now opt for more minimal pieces and for some reason find myself steering away from bright colours. My wardrobe consists of pretty much black white and grey these days with the odd splash of colour where I see fit.

In terms of jewellery I have very little upon reflection. I cut back a while ago and donated all the 'dress' jewellery I owned because I simply stopped wearing it. One off unique pieces fit in more with my style, which brings me nicely to the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch*.

Since the watch arrived on my doorstep I have being keeping it under wraps on my social media until the official watch launch; I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to now share it with you.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

Daniel Wellington create beautiful sophisticated elegant time pieces which are, in my opinion perfect for any occasion. Whether you are out and about casually or are dressed to impress, their watches will always live up to expectation. Having being such a huge fan of the original classic design from Daniel Wellington I was super excited to hear and indeed feature their latest launch.

The Daniel Wellington Classic Petite* is without a doubt utterly beautiful. This is the first time piece from Daniel Wellington to feature a stainless steel mesh strap and to have a 32mm face. There are currently four designs within this range, all of which are gorgeous; in fact, it is hard for me to pick out my stand out favourite.  There are two designs in gold, both which offer a white and black face. The same also applies for the silver version of which I thought it would make a nice change to opt for a watch with a dark face as all of my current ones are very light in that respect.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

As you can see from the image above, the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watch is incredibly thin. It is also extremely light in terms of weight, so much so that I very easily forget that I am wearing it. Of course, due to this being a mesh strap you may find that you have to adjust this manually in order to fit your wrist. The watch itself does come with a handy little guide on how to do this yourself, although it is pretty self-explanatory.

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

It goes without saying that once again Daniel Wellington have created a beautiful piece of jewellery here. This design is timeless and will easily go with so many other items of jewellery due to its simplistic but elegant presentation.

The Daniel Wellington team have kindly offered me a discount code to offer out to you which will give you 15% off everything on the Daniel Wellington website; this discount includes the new Classic Petite Design. Simply use the code 'ALITTLEBOAT' to obtain your discount at the checkout, be sure to let me know if you decide to treat yourself to something. The code is valid until the 15th April so make sure you make a note of that date; just in case.

In fact, I absolutely love how this has been paired up with the Daniel Wellington cuff in their promotional images for this launch, so much so that I may have to make an order myself.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


21 March 2017

My Morning Skincare Routine

My Morning Skincare Routine

In an ideal world, I would love to say that I stick to a strict skincare routine every single morning. However, I must face the fact that more often than not I am rushing around trying to get out of the house on time for work; often not making a cup of tea before I leave or even having any breakfast, let alone following every single step of a skincare routine (I confess to sometimes skipping out the toner). 

That being said, I do try and in doing so I have found a really nice little routine that is so far working rather well for me. Naturally of course the success of this has spurred on this blog post. What has pleased me even more is that all the featured products today are all old favourites of mine, which has somewhat curbed my curiosity in terms of buying new skincare...for now.

Generally speaking and of course depending on the time of year I like to ensure that my morning routine consists of light products which are hydrating, protective in terms of SPF and which work well under make up. 

My Morning Skincare Routine

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

This is a product which I have used several times and each time I open a new one I wonder why I ever used anything else. It is incredibly light and so refreshing on my skin, so much so that I really do look forward to using this (I need to get out more). However, unfortunately this has been discontinued which has really annoyed me as I think it is such a great product. It has since been replaced with the Micellear Water Gel which I do own and whilst I like it, it just is not the same as this. Why La Roche Posay? Why?

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic 

When I first used this product many moons ago it was quite simply love at first sight, or something to that effect. Originally reviewed back in August 2013, this has remained firmly within my routine ever since. Once again it is light and refreshing and it smells beautiful. It is a pure pleasure to use after cleansing in order to prep my skin for my moisturiser. For a full read up on this then head over here

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Radiance Day Cream* 

First and foremost, I love the fact that this has SPF 15 within it as more often than not most of my foundations do not. It means that I can pop it on in the morning and not have to think about adding anything extra within my routine. The majority of rose scented products out there can smell extremely traditional which I personally have nothing against, however they can be quite over powering which is never good when it comes to skincare for your face. Despite this being rose scented it is a very light floral which is hardly noticeable once applied. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated without any greasy feeling in the slightest. 

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

If ever there was a product that I harped on and on about then this would most certainly be it. I do often feel like a broken record when it comes to this because I mention it at nearly every given opportunity. It sure is a sign of a darn good product though and to this day I would recommend it to anybody. It is a thick eye cream in my opinion but it instantly hydrates my under-eye area like no other, it really is perfect and it without a doubt helps to keep my concealer looking good once applied. For a full review please head on over here

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy 

Without fail, if there is one product I will not skip using each morning then it is the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. For me this is a must as it helps to hide my lack of sleep on a daily basis. Personally, I would not opt to use this as an eye cream in itself, this is mainly due to the fact that it is not hydrating enough for me, that being said as a tinted eye cream on top of my normal choice it works perfectly. It is of course salmon toned in colour which helps to counteract against the blue tones of under eye dark circles. The formula sits well on my skin and it does, without a doubt make a visual improvement for me. It goes without saying that I will be repurchasing this or at least something similar very soon as mine is almost empty. 

What is in your current skincare routine? 

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


11 March 2017

Tony Moly | Korean Cosmetics

Tony Moly Korean Cosmetics

Korean cosmetics have always fascinated me, however due to availability in the past never being that good, I have up until now never tried anything for myself. Therefore, when the opportunity arrived to sample a few products from Korean brand Tony Moly, I immediately said yes.

Tony Moly originates from South Korea; however the brand is slowly becoming much more widely available with its distinguishable cute packaging and products popping up in your local Selfridges store. The range isn't particularly huge, however there are several interesting looking products such as the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream and the Magic Food Banana Milk...I mean, the latter almost sounds good enough to eat.

Having tried three products over the last few weeks I thought it was about time that this brand was highlighted on here because I absolutely love it. In terms of the beauty products I own I can honestly say that I have nothing quite like this. It feels fun to have something cute like this and to not feel like a seven year old, because unlike children's make up, the product inside, hidden away in the cute exterior is actually pretty darn good.  

Tony Moly Korean Cosmetics

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Hand Cream*

To kick things off I am introducing my favourite product out of the three being featured today. The Panda's Dream Hand Cream is infused with manuka honey and bamboo sprout extract, which I must say is an ingredient that I have never heard of before. Contained within the panda packaging, which of course is incredibly cute is a rich hand cream that instantly hydrates and soothes hands. In the past I have never really reached for a hand cream very often, which is a shame as I do suffer from dry skin on my hands which I believe is caused by the fact that I am quite prone to washing my hands excessively. 

When I have finally reached for hand cream I have always opted for light weight creams so that I do not feel restricted for too long as nobody likes greasy hands. That being said, this cream isn't particularly light, in fact it is quite thick in comparison to so many that I have used. Despite this, I can honestly say that it sinks into my skin so quickly, leaving no trace of the product. My hands feel so soft and hydrated and really do look so much better since I have started using it. For such a typical, every day beauty product that we may take for granted, I truly do think that this is awesome and despite it being a little more expensive than I would like for a hand cream, retailing at £10.50 I know that I would definitely purchase this in the future. 

Tony Moly Korean Cosmetics

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm* 

Encased within the golden egg (never fear, you won't have to open this one under water...queue the Harry Potter reference) is a silky-smooth primer to help create a flawless canvas for your foundation. Whilst I don't think any primer will ever give you a flawless base, I do believe that this is right up there with some of the best that I have tried. 

In terms of texture this is a solid primer which requires little manipulation to work around the skin. It is clear in colour once applied to the skin and it has a light, fresh lemon scent which I really like. It has a similar texture to Benefit Porefessional in my opinion, however it does feel smoother than that overall. Once applied I found that my make up sat upon this beautifully and it firmly stayed in place throughout my working day. I have to say that I was impressed, although it is worth mentioning that despite the young and chic packaging these products are not entirely budget friendly. For the price of £20.00 one would expect them to be decent. Overall I really did like this primer and I would happily consider purchasing this for myself in the future. 

Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm* 

Seeing as I embark upon a little trip to Morocco at the end of March I will be wanting to ensure that I have plenty of SPF. Despite covering our face and body in the stuff come the sunny weather I know that I often forget about my lips, luckily for me this little cherry lip balm has SPF15 which is super handy. Whilst it is not the most hydrating lip balm that I have tried, it is fun and quirky and that I guess is the main attraction here. It has a soft cherry stain to the balm which is a nice little feature, especially if your lips are dry as that can make wearing lipstick quite difficult. In all honesty for the price of £9.50 I did expect more from this, however two out of three isn't bad and at least it will look quirky on my desk at work once I am back from holiday. 

Have you tried Tony Moly?

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

6 March 2017

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder

Out of all the beauty areas that exist, brows to this day still continue to baffle me. There are so many products available which promise us perfect natural brows yet in all honesty I haven't found many brands that live up to this claim. In my experience, it isn't really the actual product itself in terms of the powder or gel which fail to work for me, it generally falls down to the packaging and how you physically can use it. 

This brings me to the most recent line from one of my high street favourites, Rimmel. As a consumer and beauty blogger I am a huge fan of Rimmel, they produce great products which are accessible and affordable, with some even rivaling higher end products. To date the Salon Pro nail polish range is one of my favourites. 

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder
The Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powders* are the latest release from Rimmel. They currently consists of four shades and are essentially light weight brow powders which are used for shaping and filling in brows. The product is contained within the slim tube which you shake before use, you can then use the applicator attached to the lid to apply the product.

From first instance, I really quite liked the idea of these powders, as I am always rooting for high street beauty to produce something truly awesome. Whilst this product could be quite good, I fear that it falls down majorly on the applicator itself. It just simply does not work well enough unless you want to create really intense brows which are not precise. Let's face it, that just doesn't appeal at all and that is long before I even mention the fallout from this. 

In terms of applying my own make up I always opt for an angled brush to apply my brow product, unless it is of course a pencil (however I rarely use those these days). Of course, I used the applicator from this in order to form a fair opinion of the product on a whole and sadly I just found it to be a bit of a faff if I am honest. In fact, I still ended up picking up my brow brush and going over everything in order to neaten things up, this just simply isn't ideal and it made the process twice as long.

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder
The shade range is of course very minimal, as is often the case with high street launches so whilst this is a bit of a criticism I can overlook it to an extent as it is somewhat expected from the high street. The shades available in my opinion are very warm toned, even the lightest shade of all still leans firmly towards the warmer spectrum. Brows generally as a rule are cooler in terms of shade, this is what looks more natural so I would highly recommend checking these out against your skin tone and of course brows. What doesn't work for one may work for you so it is always worth forming an opinion of your own by simply popping to your local store and trying the tester for yourself. 

On a plus side, they do retail at £5.99 which is a bargain, especially when offers are running all the time in the likes of Boots and Superdrug.

Overall I do like the product itself as I like the packaging and the idea behind it. Unfortunately the shades don't work very well for me, therefore I probably won't be reaching for these very often, although perhaps I should try them as a mineral eye shadow? Waste not want not as the saying goes. In the meantime let's hope Rimmel launch new shades with cooler undertones to them.

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 

2 March 2017

Currently Coveting #3

Beauty Wishlist

It has been a long time since I last posted a wishlist post on here, so much so that I had to delve back through my blog archives to see what I used to call this little series. 

As it stands I am somewhat on a beauty spending ban, in fact I have been for a good while. This is mainly due to the fact that I still have so many products to use up and also that my life has changed and I find myself spending money on other things these days as opposed to make up and skincare. That being said, the beauty junkie within me is still fully present! I cannot wait to pick up a few new things come the summer time. Therefore, until that time I will sit back and collect a list as long as my arm of the things that currently take my fancy; I will then have to narrow that list down considerably come later on in the year. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Well if there is anything I should finally pick up it is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette considering it was on my last wish list back in February last year...oh my! Everybody I know who has this raves about it, I own the blush version myself and absolutely adore it so I know that this would be a really nice treat. 

Pixi and Caroline Hirons Double Cleansing Oil and Cream

Naturally as a beauty blogger I am aware of Caroline Hirons and the sheer amount of knowledge that she has put my way, just through reading her blog. I really do think that her no nonsense attitude is incredibly refreshing which is perhaps one of the reasons why I tend to follow her recommendations, so long as the budget will allow. Luckily for most of us, she has collaborated alongside Pixi and has released a cleansing balm duo which I really do hope to pick up later on this year; I am incredibly curious to see how this works for me. 

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector 

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop has, like the Hourglass Palette, been on my wish list since its launch. Once again I have read so many positive reviews about this product, so much so that out of everything on here this is probably the product that I will purchase without question come the summer time. It'll be the perfect time to pick it up too as hopefully it'll go nicely with a bit of tan....perhaps that is wishful thinking, I do live in the UK after all. 

MAC Smoked Almond

This is a shade that I have seen Fleur from Fleur de Force rave about several times. I personally haven't tried it and would never just purchase it online having not swatched it in store, yet next time I do pass a MAC counter I do intend on checking this out. As of yet I haven't tried any of the new liptensity range so I am also looking forward to seeing what that is like. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk 

If you haven't heard of this lipstick or the corresponding lip liner then quite simply, where have you been my friend? The liner under the same name is incredibly popular and is for me once of the nicest liners I have personally used. The colour is insanely beautiful and it looks so natural on the lips. It is most certainly a product I would really like to purchase this year, although I already have so many lipsticks that it somehow does feel rather unnecessary. 

Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream

To this day I have yet to try a Kiehl's product that did not work for me. Unfortunately for me this is one of the more expensive products from Kiehl's that I am aware of so it is unlikely that I will be able to pick it up any time soon. That being said, I am still very much in love with their Tumeric and Cranberry Seed Radiance Mask which is more affordable; I would highly recommend it. 

Hugo Boss The Scent

Last year I only discovered two fragrances that I honestly liked. The first was YSL Mon Paris which I managed to pick up in the Christmas sales and the second was Hugo Boss The Scent. When I last tried this at the beginning of January I still liked it a lot, therefore it may end up falling onto my birthday list come July. Having said that, my bottle of Bronze Goddess is due for replacement this year so I may just have to pick that up instead; I really do need that in my life. 

What is on your beauty wishlist? 

28 February 2017

My Invisalign Journey | Tray 17-23

My Invisalign Journey Time sure does fly by when you're having fun, so much so that it has been far too long since I posted an update in regards to my Invisalign treatment that I am undergoing at the moment.

The last time we met I was working towards the end of my treatment, whereby from tray 17-23 I found myself somewhat on the homeward stretch. There is no denying that I have seen quite an improvement in the alignment of my teeth since I started the treatment. To this day it still amazes me how the whole process works without the need for traditional style braces that we all instantly recognise.

As I was working through the last set of trays I did start to wonder if I would need to get more aligners. My front teeth (where my main concern was) were not moving as quickly as first anticipated, therefore when it came to my last tray and the corresponding appointment my orthodontist suggested that we take up to date moulds of my teeth and send off for some more aligners. This meant that the little attachments on my teeth were removed for a while which I won't deny felt great! This all happened around Christmas time so I had to wait a few weeks for the new aligners to be made and to be sent across all the way from America. It is funny to think that somebody out there knows the layout of my teeth more than my own dentist. There was a little bit of a wait involved before they were returned to my dental practice, I think the new set of aligners arrived mid January if I remember correctly.

My Invisalign Journey

The Invisalign technology has predicted that I need another fifteen trays in order to move my stubborn front tooth into position, therefore whilst tray 23 wasn't technically the end of the process I shouldn't have to wait too much longer. 

I'll keep you posted! 

I was given the opportunity to enter a competition to win Invisalign back in February 2015 where I am delighted to say that I won. Throughout the course of my treatment I will be writing about my journey as part of the rules of the competition. My treatment is free, courtesy of Oasis Dental Care however my opinions and my shared experience of my Invisalign journey will all be that of my own.


22 February 2017

Charlotte Tilbury | Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
Every so often there is a beauty product launched, where, upon first use you just know that it will become a long term favourite. One such product for me is the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow face, sculpt and highlight kit. When I first discovered Charlotte Tilbury back in 2014 I was completely taken back by the beautiful rose gold packaging, sultry looks and the sheer array of beauty on offer; the brand truly is a beauty bloggers dream. 

One of the first products I first purchased was Filmstar Bronze and Glow and to this day I have not once regretted spending those hard earned pennies. At a price of £49 this was without a doubt the most expensive product I had purchased at the time, in fact I still remember paying for it and having to pinch myself that I was making such a pricey purchase. Even now three years on, I rarely spend that amount of money on one single product, it is a big deal which needs to be justified not just by the hype surrounding it but by also how good the product is and whether you would, come the time, repurchase. 

First and foremost, the packaging of this is incredibly beautiful and elegant. It is glamorous yet still sophisticated and feminine. It also comes with a nice handy mirror too which of course is always an added bonus with any make up product. 

Filmstar Bronze and Glow contains both a bronzer and highlighter which I believe was somewhat promoted as being a product which you could use to create a contour and then of course highlight. Despite how much I adore this product I do think that it would be wrong of me to say that you can use it as contour, because in my personal opinion the bronzer is simply too warm for that, particularly on my fair skin. Warmer complexions may get away with using this as a contour, however for pale folk like myself you really do want to stick to using the bronzer in order to create a sun kissed glow to the skin. 

The bronzer is without a doubt beautiful, however for me the product really stands out when the highlighter is considered; it is simply gorgeous. The champagne golden pigments on the skin look utterly beautiful without it being too overpowering and unnatural. If I am honest if this highlight was available on its own then I would be incredibly thrilled, it really is right up there in terms of longevity, quality, pigmentation and shade. 

Both products are finely milled and are easy to apply and blend onto the skin, making this quite the perfect combination. Upon original release there was only one shade of this available which of course was rather limiting, however last year if I remember correctly there was a darker shade of this launched which of course made it more appealing to a wider range of people. I do still think that the shade range could be expanded though if I am completely honest as two ranges of light to medium and medium to dark is still not a true representation of the skin tones that are out there. 

Despite that one criticism, I still highly commend and indeed recommend this product. It is still today one of the nicest products I own and I cherish it dearly. Would I repurchase come the time? Absolutely! 

20 February 2017

Recently Recycled #10

Recently Recycled #10

As the weeks and months go by, I find myself with an increasingly overflowing box in my bedroom which contains numerous empty products ready to be photographed for the very last time. There was a time when I considered putting a stop to these posts, mostly because I felt like they were outdated and that nobody wanted to really read them, however upon reflection they do appear to be some of my more popular beauty posts, therefore, for the time being I will continue.

OGX Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo 

I first heard of OGX through Caroline Hirons where she raved about the OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo. I personally, having now tried and used that also loved it, therefore I thought I would try something else from the range. The OGX Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo unfortunately didn't impress me as much as the Kukui Oil version as I felt as though my hair wasn't as silky soft as I had expected it to be when I had used this. I also noticed that it was hard to brush through, as though it was more knotted up which was an odd experience. Whilst I would most certainly recommend the Kukui Oil version to anybody, I sadly will not be repurchasing the Awapuhi range again.

No7 Early Defence Day Cream

Having used No7 skincare in the past and really liked it I was very keen to try one of their latest releases. The Early Defence range has been designed for younger skin which isn't quite at the stage where anti-aging products are needed. Instead this has been formulated to help protect the skin by boosting the skin's own defences, helping skin to look younger for longer.

I really liked the fact that this has SPF15 and 5* UVA protection within it. Sometimes I can forget to use SPF therefore this was a factor I really appreciated. It was a light weight cream that didn't feel greasy and left my skin hydrated and brighter. To be honest I have no negatives to this moisturiser at all barring the fact that it is almost £20. For me this seems a little expensive for a Boots own brand, that being said, I cannot fault the product itself.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo

Over recent years I have tried a variety of different purple shampoos in order to tackle any unwanted brassy tones in my hair. Without a doubt one of the best ones I have found comes in the form of Bleach London's Silver Shampoo. I use this on both dry and wet hair depending on how long I have left it since I last used it as I find that using it on dry hair makes the effect of the toning more apparent. In doing this I do have to be careful not to leave it on too long or I will definitely come out of the shower with a blue tinge to my hair. That being said, I highly recommend this to anybody with blonde hair as part of their hair care maintenance, it's pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Shampoo* 

Generally speaking, my scalp is very good, I rarely suffer with any form of dandruff unless I have used something which has not agreed with me. Therefore, unfortunately I cannot really comment on this product in terms of helping with that condition as I haven't had to deal with it whilst using this product. I can therefore only really comment on the qualities of how it worked for me in terms of it just being a shampoo, in which I can say that it performed really well and really was very cooling on application, in fact remarkably so. This would make a great summer shampoo that's for sure!

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower Concentrate

This for me is a very luxurious product as I rarely spend more than £2 on shower gel as I find it very hard to justify. That being said, I cannot deny that I truly loved this product; if money were no object then I would happily purchase this for myself regularly.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara

As a beauty blogger I absolutely love trying new brands, no matter if they are low, mid or high end as you just never know what you will discover. That being said, when it comes to mascara I rarely leave the aisles of the high street as I firmly believe that the high street performs fantastically well in this area; particularly MaxFactor. Personally I must have now been through about four of the MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara as it works so well for me. I have quite long lashes so rarely look for anything which claims to add length, particularly because I also wear glasses 90% of the time. This adds a perfect curl and volume which is all I am really looking for.

Pixi Lash Line Ink* 

If you're looking for a liner with super pigmentation and an extra fine nib, then Pixi has the perfect one for you. Being one who is quite partial to liner I was really impressed with this offering from Pixi. It is easy to use, light weight and stands up well throughout the day, plus it is easy to remove of an evening which ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned. The only downside is that it always appears to be out of stock every time I look for it.

Botanics Radiant Youth Eye Cream* 

This is a really nice light weight eye cream if you do not suffer from dehydration around the eyes. I first started using this during summer time which I felt was the ideal time for it. I wasn't really suffering from dehydration as this tends to happen for me as we hit the autumn and winter. During those months I like to opt for something with more of a kick, however this is a nice option for those who don't need something quite as heavy.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

At first I wasn't sure whether to include this or not as it is a tiny little sample which really does limit the experience of a product, that being said, I still was able to get a feeling for this. In a nut shell I liked this mascara quite a lot, mainly because it has a natural bristle brush which is what I tend to prefer. I found it to create a slightly more 'clumpy' look in comparison to the MaxFactor mascara above, although it wasn't anything over the top in the slightest. For me this is more of an evening mascara as opposed to every day and it is one that I would look towards purchasing for that reason alone.

Boots Essentials Cucumber Mask* 

In truth I loved this little mask, it is so affordable and widely available across the country. It is soothing on the skin and relatively easy to remove, although I would recommend using a flannel in order to get every single bit off quicker. For £1.50 you really can't go wrong if you're on a budget, whilst it won't completely detox your skin I do think that for the price it really is very good indeed.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream 

Unlike the sample of the Clinique Mascara above I find it very hard to gauge an idea on skincare when the samples are so tiny. This little sample of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream really is on the small side, it didn't really give me much in terms of the product in order to try it over a few days, let alone a few weeks. Whilst I truly loved the scent of this, I am not too sure of its capabilities in terms of hydrating the eye area or masking dark circles; the latter of which I think it has in my case failed to do. That however could be because I was frugal and had a limited amount of product to work with. In all honesty I am on the fence about this, I want to love it because on a whole I adore Origins, however I think I will have to purchase the full size in order to try it over a longer period of time.

This was an incredibly long empties post to write, next time I won't leave it so long!

Have you tried any of the above products?

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer. 


12 February 2017

Valentine's Day '17

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day sure has crept up on us quickly this year, I mean I am pretty sure it was Christmas just last week...

For the majority of the time in which I have being running this blog I have been single. It is nothing to cry about, in fact for most of that time it was a time of healing and getting to know myself once again.  That being said, I have always managed to publish something on my little blog in regards to the occasion, even if I was just sharing the day with my cat. 

Whether you are a fan of Valentine's Day or not, and perhaps just think that it is some corporate shenanigan put in place to make us spend our hard earned cash, I personally can't help but kind of relish in it. Maybe it is the soft romantic in me, who knows.

Of course having being surrounded by numerous Valentine's Day posts on social media and countless cuddly toys and chocolate hearts on the high street, I thought that naturally I would put my own spin on it. Therefore, whether you're single, in a new relationship or happily married ten years down the line, here's to a few things which will hopefully make your Valentine's special this year.

Valentine's Day

In my personal opinion less really is more when preparing for a date or, indeed an evening out with friends. Whilst I personally love a nice red lipstick I can't help feel that on Valentine's it can be a little cliche, that being said I would still be incredibly torn between my favourite red or a nice effortless pink nude. Therefore, in order to meet somewhere in the middle, I will happily opt for the NARS Audacious Lipstick in the shade Anna, which is simply beautiful in its own right and took me almost six months to track down, therefore it really does deserve a bit of time in the spotlight so to speak. The formula of these lipsticks in general is pretty darn good, they're super pigmented and easy to wear and do require little maintenance.

For the nails I like to opt for something understated most of the time, therefore Essie Vanity Fairest is a perfect choice. At least three coats will be needed however as it is a very subtle shade, therefore if you don't have the time or patience you may wish to opt for something which is more opaque. Personally I have never been one to massively rate Essie polishes in general, I do tend to think that they are overpriced, however their shade range is pretty impressive.

One of my most recent purchases (thank you Boxing Day sales) was the Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris fragrance. I had really liked this since it first launched last year, however at the time I really couldn't justify the purchase. It is a super light fragrance with notes of pear, patchouli and white musk making it in my opinion quite sweet, although it isn't sickly in the slightest. Generally speaking, I do tend to lean away from sweet scents, often reaching for more floral based fragrances however I was pleasantly surprised by this and naturally it remained on my mind long after I first tried it. It also goes without saying that visually it is a beautifully presented fragrance, which of course would make a beautiful gift for that special someone or yourself this Valentine's Day.

Of course pretty underwear is a given at any time of the year for making us feel good, let alone Valentine's Day. Just this week I managed to stumble across a couple of super pretty designs from Peacocks, which I will honest is not a place I think to try for clothes at all, let alone nice underwear. I will make a point of popping in next time I am in town just to see what they have in store; you just never know do you.

I hope that whatever you are up to this Valentine's Day that you have a lovely day, even if you are curled up on the sofa watching your favourite chick flick. After all, all of the above is all well and good but sometimes it is nice to get nice and cosy in your pyjamas with a glass of fizz.


28 January 2017

Beauty Favourites 2016 Part 2: Skincare

Beauty Favourites 2016 Part 2: Skincare
The first installment of this series looked at my Beauty Favourites in 2016 which featured a heap of makeup products; this time around I am looking at skincare and beauty tools in general. Long time readers of my blog will instantly recognise a few favourites in the mix, as well as a couple of more recent products which have been instant hits with me and so many of you too. 

The Wet Brush* 

When I first was sent this to review I was apprehensive, I mean it is just a hair brush and how good can a hair brush really be? Needless to say that having since used this I have already made a back up purchase of my own; yes it is that good. This brush is like no other in my opinion, it makes brushing your hair when it is wet a breeze, (yes I know it is not a good thing, but the alternative does not bear thinking about).

Garner Micellar Water

Throughout the year I must have repurchased this about five or six times. In my personal opinion it is the best micellar water that I have used to date; it beats so many more expensive options and it also comes in a deluxe size so I find it superb value for money. It is gentle on my eyes, packaged well and super affordable. Garnier really did pull it out the bag with this one. 

Mitchum Ultimate Pure Fresh Deodorant 

In all honesty this isn't the most glamorous  product to talk about, however it is a necessity and is part of my 'beauty' regime every single day. For a very long time I found it quite difficult to find a deodorant that worked all day long. It doesn't help that I am quite picky when it comes to deodorants either as I am not a fan of sprays and I cannot stand the little roller ball options that make your underarms feel all sticky; blegh! The Mitchum Ultimate Pure Fresh Deodorant comes in several types, I always opt for the cream version as this is simply what I prefer and do you know what? It works like an absolute dream. Yes it is pricey, but I don't think you can put a price on confidence when it comes to body odor....just saying. 

Beauty Favourites 2016 Part 2: Skincare

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

These days I try not to talk about this product too much as it really has been at the forefront of my blog for a very long time now. In a nut shell I still adore it and continue to use it every single day. I have linked my review to this as it may be worth a read if you are thinking of trying this out this year. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Sticking with Kiehl's for one more moment, it goes without saying that again when it comes to skincare Kiehl's is heavily featured. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is something which I reach for a couple of times a week when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or looking like it needs reviving. This is such an incredibly light weight oil which works beautifully on my skin leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and by morning really nice and bright. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

Without a shadow of a doubt this was probably the best new skincare purchase that I made last year. This mask in particular stood apart from the other two which were released alongside it. Having tried a fair few clay masks in my time I would most certainly say that this is within my top three, particularly when you take into account its affordability and indeed availability.  

Jade Facial Roller 

The Jade Facial Roller had always been a product which had intrigued me, yet it was one which I couldn't quite bring myself to purchasing. It is, after all quite expensive. That being said, when it came as part of the Cult Beauty Box last May I decided to finally treat myself and make the order. Essentially this is a massage tool for the contours of your face, it's said to make you look younger which I am pretty darn sceptical about, Having said that, it really helps to reduce congestion I think and also to help with lymph drainage and to get circulation flowing. Do you need it? Probably not but it's a nice little beauty treat that I like to indulge in every now and then. 

Did you spot any of your beauty favourites here?

*This post contains PR samples, for more please read my disclaimer.
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