16 January 2017

Life Lately #6

Life Lately #6

Despite my last post like this having being all the way back in July last year, there have been quite a lot of things happening in the world of Amy in recent months. Last summer was a pretty good one for me by all accounts, I was really happy with both my personal life and indeed my work life; I also found myself getting back into fitness after a ridiculously long break of which I will admit I had no excuse for. 

Unfortunately, as we hit mid August things turned a bit sour and I was sadly pretty darn low, in fact I was extremely miserable and once again blamed myself for everything that was going wrong. Of course a bit of perspective and a good talking to one's self sure helped me to get back on track, although if I am honest it was all the incredibly kind things that so many of you were messaging me during this time which really helped me through. Instagram suddenly became somewhat of a lifeline in terms of people reaching out and getting in touch; thank you so much. 

Things really picked up for me after that brief cold spell luckily. Work was going pretty well, although I have found it to become increasingly more challenging now that I have started my Legal Practice Course. Working full time and studying is incredibly difficult, especially when balancing all the normal things that go alongside that....oh, and that's not forgetting my little blog too. 

As we headed throughout Autumn I found myself getting to know somebody who is making me extremely happy, we also took a little mini break away just after Christmas which was just what we both needed after the mad build up to the festive holidays. I won't speak about this kind of thing much on here as I value that type of privacy far too much, however what I will say is that it is nice to feel this kind of happiness once again. 

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a broken record of late when it comes to my blog. There is so much I want to do on here, yet I find my time is eaten up before I even realise it. That being said, it hasn't helped with the winter because I have found it so difficult to take photographs; roll on lighter evenings that's what I say! If there is anything you would like to see on here, then please do let me know in the comments below. It's always nice to hear what readers would like to see, or indeed what readers would not like to see; I find it all really useful and it will help me to create better content in the long run too. 

Once again I have been toying with the idea of a re-brand for A Little Boat Sailing. I really feel as though I have out grown this place on here, I want this blog to reflect the 27 year old me as it will be five years ago this March since I first sat down and wrote my first post. A lot has changed in that time, I have changed. I have a couple of ideas in my head in terms of a new name for my site which is a starting point I guess; I always find that to be the hardest place to start with anything like this. 

If you have ever had a blog re-brand, then let me know how you found it. Was it worth it? Did you feel more content with it once everything had been done?

For now I have to once again revise for a couple of exams, therefore I am not too sure when I will get another post up, however I would like to get in my Beauty Favourites of 2016 before we hit February that's for sure....fifteen days and counting; this year sure is flying by already folks. Let's make it a good one. 

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