31 July 2017

Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

Six years ago I would never have considered wearing a highlighter. In fact, if I am completely honest with you, six years ago I didn't even know what a highlighter was in a make-up context, aside from the obvious fluorescent pink and yellow pens I used at university. 

17 July 2017

Rimmel London Insta Collection #Instaselfie

Rimmel London Insta Collection

The Rimmel London Insta Collection* landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, however I have waited until the initial rush of blog posts have dropped off in order to share with you my thoughts on the collection. In my opinion it is a rather large collection for a high-street brand with quite a few different products to offer; some of the products are hits whilst others I have found are somewhat misses. 

10 July 2017

Tropic Skincare | An Introduction

Tropic Skincare
It is rather exciting to have the opportunity to try a new brand, although perhaps that is just the skincare junkie in me. Most people I know would look at me with a somewhat sceptical raised brow if I were to voice that out loud. However, we are all here because we have one thing in common, we all love beauty.


1 July 2017

I remember When...The Blogging Edition


Back in 2012 A Little Boat Sailing was born. One evening after work I sat down and opened up Blogger,  five years later I am still here, writing and taking pictures. In that time the whole concept has changed. What was once a side line hobby to just put up a new post sharing my random thoughts on beauty products at that time has now become something which I really have to sit down and think about. This involves planning what I want to say, social media promotion, declarations (if needed) and responding to emails. That's long before I even start the editing process in an attempt to keep my photos looking picture perfect; I have yet to achieve this. 
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